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09-11-17  Langkawi Islands
09-11-16  Langkawi Islands
09-11-15  Langkawi Islands
08-11-28  Singapore
08-08-03  Bunaken
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An Indonesian travel addict now based in Singapore. I'm passionate on travelling, taking random pictures (read = pre-photography :D) and trying new adventures! Most of the pictures are taken by Casio QVR4; and by Canon Ixus 950 for >= May 08 pics.

I'm lucky enough to work in a job that allows me to travel around the world, or if not, pays enough for me to go on personal trips :D So I can say that this journal is pretty much always progressing with new stories.

Do leave message in the guestbook! Always loved to see response from readers :)

"Because life is just not worth it without some sorts of excitement and adventures!"

Apr 2010 - Turkey
Jul 2010 - Maldives

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