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12-11-23  Santa Fe
12-11-22  Santa Fe
12-11-21  Santa Fe
12-11-18  Santa Fe
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Robert and Laura Location Pictures Date
Zion National Park Zion National Park 0 2012-12-12
Native Lands in New Mexico and Arizona; Windy Mesa Music Santa Fe 21 2012-11-23
Thanksgiving Sunset Party, Eldorado at Santa Fe with Bob and Katherine Santa Fe 5 2012-11-22
Santa Fe Vegan Meetup 'Thanksliving' Celebration Santa Fe 9 2012-11-21
Do the Math Tour - livestream from UNM campus Santa Fe 0 2012-11-18
Fall Images in Santa Fe Santa Fe 17 2012-11-13
Snow ! Santa Fe 9 2012-11-11
Kayak Conditioning at Cochiti Lake Santa Fe 9 2012-11-11
Wahweap Campground, Lake Powell Beauty Page, AZ 9 2012-11-11
Paddling Lone Rock Campground on Lake Powell Page, AZ 9 2012-11-11
Treehuggers Bash Party , Folding Bikes on NM Railrunner Santa Fe to Albuquerque and Return, Route 66 Santa Fe 90 2012-11-08
Fish Fall, Fowl, Fun Kayaking on Cochiti, Coyote Waves Bye Santa Fe 85 2012-11-07
Sunny day Santa Fe volunteering for WildEarth Guardians Santa Fe 19 2012-11-01
Pumpkins, Ristras and Adobe Fall Santa Fe Santa Fe 10 2012-10-18
Petition Against Citizens United ; Wheelright Museum of the American Indian Santa Fe 9 2012-10-11
Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! Comes to Santa Fe ! Santa Fe 22 2012-10-10
Just Another Day in Santa Fe Santa Fe 42 2012-10-05
Action at the Roundhouse: Powering past Coal Santa Fe 30 2012-10-03
Colores de Santa Fe Santa Fe 74 2012-09-28
An Exercise in Living Santa Fe Santa Fe 18 2012-09-25
Fall Colors Colorado, Amazing Alternative Architecture Then Live Music in Taos ! Taos 55 2012-09-15
Stopover in Steamboat on the long road to Santa Fe Steamboat Springs 9 2012-09-14
Yay!!!! Elk Bugling On Last day in the Parks; Free Wi Fi and Breakfast at Jackson Lake Lodge Jackson Lake Lodge, Grand Teton National Park 101 2012-09-13
Living Large, Splurging on Laura's Bday at Jackson Lake Lodge and Signal Mountain. Jackson Lake, Grand Teton National Park 46 2012-09-12
Day tripping with Dennis and Barbara: Kayak Jenny Lake to Hike To Inspiration Point Jenny Lake 73 2012-09-11
Fox and Bull Elk on Signal Mountain Silver Gate 62 2012-09-10
Signal Mountain Salmon Heaven and Paddling Pacific Creek to Deadman's with Dennis and Barbara ! Silver Gate 71 2012-09-09
Pre-dawn wolf sightings at Footbridge Overlook Silver Gate 101 2012-09-08
Dunraven Pass Bear, Antelope, and The Day of the Wolves, Part II Silver Gate 71 2012-09-07
The Day of the Wolves - Lamar Canyon Pack, New Pack?, Canyon Pack Yellowstone 62 2012-09-06
Camping at Slough Creek, watching mountain goats, trip to Silver Gate Yellowstone 68 2012-09-05
One Bison, Two Bison, Three Bison, More in Yellowstone's Beautiful Lamar Valley to Silver Gate Yellowstone 72 2012-09-04
Free Wi Fi in Jackson Wy : The pleasant ambience and tasty food at Cafe Boheme in Jackson, Wy Jackson 27 2012-09-03
Dr. Data (Urban Cowgirl ?) in Jackson Hole, Wy Jackson 36 2012-09-02
The Continued Adventures of Dr. Data: Jackson Lake by Kayak, Colter Bay to Heron Pond and Return Colter Bay Village 75 2012-09-01
Echoing Wolf Howl at Bedtime, Big Black Wolf Before Dawn ; Part II Kayaking String Lake GTNP Yellowstone National Park Division 54 2012-08-31
Wild Animals, Mud Vocanoes, and Classy Dining at the Historic Yellowstone Lake Hotel Yellowstone National Park Division 132 2012-08-30
Laura stops traffic for Bear Cubs !! (or 'How not to veiw bears in Yellowstone' ... again) Yellowstone National Park Division 88 2012-08-28
Elk in Mammoth campground, Bison, Bears in the Pines, Wolves in the distance from Grizzly Overlook! Yellowstone National Park Division 88 2012-08-27
Old Faithful, so cliche, yet still a must see area for Lisa. On to Mammoth Hot Springs! Yellowstone National Park Division 99 2012-08-26
Grand Teton Adventure: Bike Ride Shuttle/Paddling the Snake, Celebrating at Jackson Lake Lodge Grand Teton National Park 117 2012-08-25
Jenny Lake, Moose Wilson Road, Momma Bear and Cubs ! Moose 71 2012-08-23
Dr. Data Arrives In Jackson Hole, Ready for Adventure ! Moose 8 2012-08-22
This Moose is Big! More Bull Moose and Badger in the Gros Ventre Moose 47 2012-08-21
Trumpeter Swans at the National Elk Preserve, Largest Bird in North America Moose 12 2012-08-20
Up Close With Wildlife At Gros Ventre Campground Moose 17 2012-08-17
Magnificent Moose of the Gros Ventre; Jackson Hole Community Pathways Moose 74 2012-08-16
Sunrise Elk with Young Near Jackson Dam, Grand Teton Sunset at Colter Bay Jackson 50 2012-08-15
A Mink and Moose Twins: Kayaking on Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park Jackson 57 2012-08-13
Saloons and Supplies : Overnight in Jackson Hole Jackson 22 2012-08-12
Overnight at Steamboat, on to Jackson Hole Steamboat Springs 66 2012-08-11
Riding through Leadville on the road to Steamboat Springs Leadville 73 2012-08-10
On the Road Again ! First Stop, Salida Santa Fe 77 2012-08-09
Bike Ride with Coffee and a Haircut: Santa Fe 10 2012-08-07
Horned Toad in Santa Fe ! Santa Fe 12 2012-08-06
Eclectic Santa Fe Santa Fe 38 2012-08-03
WildEarth Guardians Santa Fe 6 2012-07-30
Back to the cool mountain mornings in Santa Fe Santa Fe 3 2012-07-29
Glorious sunrise along the Llano Pt II Llano 2 2012-07-23
Glorious Sunrise Along the Llano Llano 51 2012-07-22
Hill Country Fog Llano 12 2012-07-16
Crescent Moon and Planets, Spectacular Sunrise Llano 38 2012-07-15
Peaceful River Llano 10 2012-07-14
Young ones along the Llano Llano 67 2012-07-13
Sunrise Llano 6 2012-07-12
Rainy week brings out the colors, wildlife Llano 16 2012-07-11
Old town Llano Llano 16 2012-07-11
Backyard Cooking to Beat the Heat ! Llano 16 2012-07-10
More rain comes to the Beautiful Texas Hill Country, yahoo! Llano 13 2012-07-09
Miss Dani Dance Studio opens in Llano! You go, Danielle ! Llano 13 2012-07-09
Little Green Heron Tries to Swallow a Fish ! Llano 40 2012-07-08
Glorious Sunrise at Robinson City Park Llano 55 2012-07-07
Beautiful biodiversity on the Llano River Llano 60 2012-07-01
A little upper body workout before sunrise , kayaking on the Llano Llano 28 2012-06-24
McKinney Falls State Park at Sunrise Austin 4 2012-06-18
Stephen F. Austin State Park ; Fazzer's 92 ! San Felipe 39 2012-06-16
Beauty in Berkeley, Berkeley Outlet, More Fun with Paul and Kjersten Berkeley 1 2012-06-10
Santa Cruz in' Santa Cruz 94 2012-06-09
Dramatic Sea Caves, Movie History, at Windswept Jules Pfeiffer Beach Coastal Conservancy Big Sur 38 2012-06-08
Point Sur Spring Wildflowers, A Birthday's Eve at Nepenthe Big Sur 76 2012-06-07
One of Earth's Great Places : Julia Pfeiffer State Park Big Sur 128 2012-06-06
Big Sur California Coastline, Stunning in Spring Big Sur 71 2012-06-05
Beside the sea in Cannery Row - Cafe La Strada table/ coffee with view, Schooners for Wine and View Monterey 59 2012-06-04
Spending the day Trailside in Monterey Monterey 99 2012-06-03
Monterey marine life by day, Sweet HayaH and Concert for the Cure by night. Monterey 98 2012-06-02
Monterey Bay Trail; Pacific Grove; Huckleberry Hill Trail' Carmel Highlands; Rocky Point Pacific Grove 53 2012-06-01
Morning in Monterey: Wharf #1, Fishermans' Wharf Monterey 241 2012-05-31
Bluebell and Bluegrass weekend in Llano Llano 48 2012-05-26
Freeride Rocks the Buckhorn Hall Llano 8 2012-05-19
Kicking around in a small town Llano 26 2012-05-15
McKinney Falls State Park Lower Falls Austin 69 2012-05-12
Alligator Sunrise Galveston 13 2012-05-09
The Oasis Juice Bar and Market Galveston 38 2012-05-08
Oak Stump Sculptures Post Hurricane Ike Old Galveston Galveston 16 2012-05-07
Kayaking Canals and Lake Como by the Haunted Stewart Mansion Galveston 61 2012-05-06
Robert Kuhn Band , Sunday May 6, at the Riptide Surf Bar in Galveston Galveston 61 2012-05-06
Cinco de Mayo Stroll and Party on Galveston Island Galveston 46 2012-05-05
Locals' Favs -- Mod Cafe , The Waterman Galveston 14 2012-05-04
Bicycling around Old Galveston and Fisherman's Wharf Galveston 66 2012-05-03
What Could Be Better Than Lunch With Old Friends On A Sunny Spring Day ? Houston 18 2012-05-02
Nickname Is Space City ..... and it Haley's town ! Houston 49 2012-05-01
Surprising Biodiversity of McKinney Falls State Park Austin 52 2012-04-30
Paddling up a 'secret' creek Llano 25 2012-04-23
Spring Morning Beauty on SH 71 toward Austin Llano 8 2012-04-21
Desert Mists, The White Buffalo Bar, Snakebite Saloon, Street Art in Alpine Marathon 34 2012-04-17
Don't Cry For Me, Javelina Panther Junction 28 2012-04-16
Panther Tracks !!!!! Hiking on Laguna Meadows and Chisos Basin Loop trails Chisos Mountains 78 2012-04-15
Nature Trail, Rio Grande Village Chisos Mountains 26 2012-04-14
Ranger Talk Tornillo Creek Canyon, Historic Hot Springs area of Big Bend National Park Big Bend National Park 48 2012-04-13
Big Bend Wonders Big and Small: Bears, Panthers, Birds and Views Big Bend National Park 56 2012-04-12
Chisos Mountain Basin, Window On Infinity Big Bend National Park 82 2012-04-11
Severe thunderstorms mean cactus blooms in Big Bend National Park ! Marathon 33 2012-04-10
Nice day in a high desert town Marathon 48 2012-04-09
The fanciful scenic gateway to Big Bend : Marathon, Texas Marathon 72 2012-04-08
More fun from the campout at Inks Lake State Park Kingsland 64 2012-04-07
Camping, Biking, Paddling, Kayaking, Hiking, Laughing at Inks Lake State Park Kingsland 41 2012-04-06
Hummingbird nest Inks Lake State Park 100 2012-04-05
Mysteries of Nature Llano River Rookery -- birding kayaking from Llano River Park Llano 18 2012-03-28
The Hills Are Alive ..... beautiful Hill Country drive State Highway 71 Marble Falls to Llano Llano 28 2012-03-27
Urban Gardening in Austin by Marcus and Reggie Austin 18 2012-03-25
Spring Training : Kayaking From Llano River Park Llano 31 2012-03-24
Texas Music Thursday at the Badu House ; Scones on the Veranda at Berry Street Bakery Llano 27 2012-03-23
White Pelicans White Bass Fishing; Hike by Lake Buchanan; Llano County 54 2012-03-22
Happy Birthday Minnie ! Leander 18 2012-03-18
The Calico Bulls of Llano County Llano 43 2012-03-16
On the shores of the beautiful Llano River.... Llano 12 2012-03-14
Old Town Llano Cistern and Spring Llano 12 2012-03-13
Mozart's South by Southwest Lake Austin, Spring Wildflower Miracle after a year of killer drought Austin 73 2012-03-08
Hiking around Smith Point Smith Point 31 2012-03-07
X files -- The Truth Is Out There ! Wild Beauty of Smith Point Smith Point 8 2012-03-06
Wild Beauty of Smith Point: Purple Martins, Raptors return for Spring Smith Point 52 2012-03-05
Red Dawn at Morning, Sailor Take Warning? Smith Point 9 2012-03-04
Sights and sounds of spring on Texas Coast Smith Point 13 2012-03-02
Wild Beauty of Smith Point on Galveston Bay smith point 14 2012-03-01
Spectacular Llano Sunset Llano 3 2012-02-23
Paddling Llano River Park Llano 24 2012-02-21
Some Signs of an Early Spring in Llano, TX scenic Texas Hill Country Llano 1 2012-02-16
Inks Lake State Park : Owl Prowl Presentation Kingsland 0 2012-01-07
Inks Lake State Park, Hiking and paddling New Years with Barbara and Dennis Kingsland 5 2011-12-31
Riding ahead of the Blizzard... Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge Campsite Muleshoe 10 2011-12-18
Santa Fe : Dinner with that special someone at La Casa Sena Santa Fe 6 2011-12-15
Winter Snow Beauty in Santa Fe Santa Fe 13 2011-12-04
Trail of the Ancients :Scenic Backway from Bull Frog Marina to Hite Marina Hite Division 37 2011-11-29
Paddling Alone on Lake Powell from Bullfrog Escalante 50 2011-11-28
Scenic Backways of Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument Escalante, UT 29 2011-11-26
Paddling Across Lake Powell ,Hiking to Wahweap Windows Page 90 2011-11-25
Winter Camping At Wahweap , Creatures Come Out In Early Afternoon Santa Fe 70 2011-11-24
Kayaking From Wahweap Campground On Beautiful Lake Powell Reservoir Santa Fe 54 2011-11-23
On The Road To Canyon Country Glenn Canyon NRA Santa Fe 31 2011-11-22
Hiking around Santa Fe --Fall Sierra Club Outing ; also Misc Old Santa Fe pics Santa Fe 36 2011-10-29
Dia de los Muertes procession / Coal Kills Action with Wild Earth Guardians Santa Fe 41 2011-10-28
Red Gold / Save Bristol Bay documentary film at Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe Santa Fe 8 2011-10-25
Celebrating the Troops coming home, outdoor music with Bob Bruen and Grand Opening of Urban Fix Eldorado at Santa Fe 17 2011-10-21
Autumn Falls On Santa Fe Santa Fe 88 2011-10-20
A Fall Surprise: A Spring-like Flower Explosion in Santa Fe Santa Fe 14 2011-10-08
Kayak Paddling Meetup: Viewing The Famous Albuqueque Balloon liftoff at sunrise from the river! Albuquerque 144 2011-10-02
WildEarth Guardians Annual Gala Fundraiser and New Book Santa Fe 3 2011-09-30
Spectacular Fall Colors from Aspen through Independence Pass Aspen 50 2011-09-24
Day Hike in Colorado High Country with Dennis and Barbara Glenwood Springs 60 2011-09-23
Colorful Colorado High Country Lake Camping and Paddling Glenwood Springs 72 2011-09-21
Kayaking the Roaring Fork with Dennis and Barbara Glenwood Springs 37 2011-09-20
Trip down memory lane back to Glenwood Springs Glenwood Springs 13 2011-09-19
Bicycling Around Steamboat's Hot Springs Steamboat Springs 45 2011-09-17
Quick to the Tetons! Paddling the Snake River Grand Teton National Park 75 2011-09-15
Yellowstone: Grizzly Point to Grant with bears in between Yellowstone National Park Division 33 2011-09-14
Look Up, Mountain Goats ! Danger, Elk Rutting Season at Mammoth Hot Springs Mammoth 50 2011-09-13
Elk, Wolves, and The Wolf Watchers Yellowstone National Park Division 64 2011-09-12
Canyon Pack heading out to hunt Yellowstone National Park Division 43 2011-09-11
Wolf Watching at Grizzly Overlook, Bday Brunch at Historic Lake Yellowstone Hotel Yellowstone National Park Division 21 2011-09-10
Lamar Canyon Pack is out in force; young ones playing Yellowstone National Park Division 87 2011-09-09
The Wolf, The Grizzly, and the Ravens Tower Junction 32 2011-09-08
Bison in Love : The Rutting Season in Yellowstone Tower Junction 25 2011-09-07
Wolves play and feed in the distance Tower Junction 50 2011-09-06
06 , the alpha female of the Lamar Canyon Pack Yellowstone National Park Division 77 2011-09-05
Yellowstone wolves: Our first day Yellowstone National Park Division 49 2011-09-04
Biodiversity in Yellowstone : bison, pronghorn, and mule deer Yellowstone National Park Division 16 2011-09-03
Snake River, from dam to Pacific Grove Grand Teton National Park 42 2011-09-02
Paddling the Snake and the Oxbow Grand Teton National Park 32 2011-09-01
Beauty in America, Grand Tetons National Park, Coulter Bay paddle Grand Teton National Park 26 2011-08-31
Heading for the Tetons Grand Teton National Park 8 2011-08-30
"The Rio Grande, An Eagle's View." WildEarth Guardians Book Launch; Dancing Fun at El Farol Santa Fe, New Mexico 28 2011-08-19
Back in Santa Fe in Time for a Little Summer Fun on the Plaza ! Santa Fe 19 2011-08-17
Last day game drive miraculous: ANOTHER wild dog sighting! Hazyview 17 2011-08-11
"Bateleur des aigles dans l'amour! " Bateleur eagles in love! Hazyview 49 2011-08-10
Wild Dogs , a perfect ending to our Hazyview 118 2011-08-09
Camping outside the park at Bushpackers Lodge, Hazyview, South Africa Hazyview 54 2011-08-08
Kruger National Park and Environs : Wild and Scenic Southern End of the Park Lower Sabie 114 2011-08-07
Leopard in tree with kill, looking down at hyenas; Eyewitness to Leopards in Love- is too close Lower Sabie 122 2011-08-06
Leopards Coming Down From Tree At Sunrise, Another Leopard Stalking, Little Giraffe Nurses Lower Sabie 103 2011-08-05
Part II Leopards: Mother and Young at Play Lower Sabie 125 2011-08-04
Rare Sighting of Serval Wild Cat at Dusk, Lower Sabie 14 2011-08-03
Leopards in the morning, leopards in evening, leopards about suppertime and a few other creatures Lower Sabie 80 2011-08-02
Game drives on secondary roads near Lower Sabie net us another cheetah Lower Sabie 100 2011-08-01
Wow! Another Cheetah on road to Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp Lower Sabie 61 2011-07-31
Skukuza to Lower Sabie : Two Huge Lions and more Skukuza 112 2011-07-30
More Drama at Lake Panic Hide Skukuza 164 2011-07-29
Shades of Jurassic Park: What is in the cage?! How close should a rhino get to car, Lake Panic hide Skukuza 94 2011-07-28
Game Drives Around Skukuza, Burn baby burn, and getting to know Nelspruit Skukuza 121 2011-07-27
You can't rollerskate in a rhino herd either! Skukuza 44 2011-07-26
10 Lion, 1 leopard, two rhino, and elephants on the rocks! Skukuza 125 2011-07-25
Letaba to Skukuza : Hyenas everywhere, try to eat our car ! Letaba 113 2011-07-24
Game Drives from Letaba: Hyenas, Ground Hornbills and Zombie Turtles ! Letaba 89 2011-07-23
No camping allowed, but beautiful stopover at Oliphants Rest Camp Satara Rest Camp 33 2011-07-22
Gravel Roads from Satara to Letaba via Oliphants Satara Rest Camp 72 2011-07-21
Satara for a Night, then onto Letaba Camp via beautiful Oliphants Camp. Letaba Rest Camp 39 2011-07-20
Secondary Roads in Kruger : Great game drive on S100 near Satara; Walking inside Satara Camp) Satara Rest Camp 82 2011-07-19
Skukuza to Satara and a 'Two Leopard Drive ' Satara Rest Camp 73 2011-07-18
Impala, Tiny Klipspringer couple , Mongoose, Hyena , cap off an amazing morning Pretorius Kop Rest Camp 40 2011-07-17
'Dream Come True' Safari Part III : Leopard comes close, shows its teeth ! Malelane 114 2011-07-16
'Dream Come True' Safari Part II : Lion with Cubs ! Malelane 47 2011-07-15
'Dream Come True' Safari Part III : Another Cheetah ! Malelane 40 2011-07-14
'Dream Come True' Safari ! Cheetah climbs up on a rock ! Pretorius Kop, rest camp 70 2011-07-13
"Predators, Carniovores, Things With Big Teeth That Bite" Dream Safari ! Pretorius Kop Rest Camp 52 2011-07-12
Cruising to Kruger ! Yah! Malelane 24 2011-07-11
Kasane to Shoestrings Airport Lodge and Backpackers :Great place to come back to ! Johannesburg 26 2011-07-10
Chobe National Park : Afternoon Sunset Safari by Boat ! Kasane 26 2011-07-09
Chobe National Park : Great Game Drive with Roger and Paula Kasane 162 2011-07-08
Kayaking in Botswana with The Old House / Gecko River Adventures Kasane 75 2011-07-06
Botswana Computer and Digital Internet Wifi Supplies Kasane Computers ~ Kasane 7 2011-07-05
Awesome Sundowner Forest Reserve Drive to Senyati with Karen and Tiennie Kasane 25 2011-07-04
Early Morning Monkey Business at Chobe Safari Lodge Kasane 27 2011-07-03
"Man Overboard !" "Mongoose In The Hole !" and Other Tales From Chobe Safari Lodge Kasane 41 2011-07-02
Botswana Beautiful Chobe Kasane Kasane 59 2011-07-01
Ngepi In Namibia to Chobe Safari Lodge in Kasane, Botswana by Sunset Caprivi Strip 26 2011-06-30
Green Five , Bar Five : Last Night Partying at Ngepi Caprivi Strip 18 2011-06-29
Colorful Birds of Ngepi : Nesting Black Collared Barbets and Sunbirds Caprivi Strip 33 2011-06-28
Cold Hands, Warm Hearts : Winter Cold Front at Ngepi Caprivi Strip 47 2011-06-27
Exciting Ngepi Fishing Tour Photos Caprivi Strip 21 2011-06-26
More From Beautiful Ngepi Camp , Namibia Caprivi Strip 49 2011-06-25
Okavango Delta Adventure : Special mokoro / walking safari with the wonderful guide Christof Caprivi Strip 136 2011-06-24
Ngepi Camp Activities : Surprise Sunset Cruise on the Exotic Kavango River Caprivi Strip 27 2011-06-23
Ngepi Camp: the most fun and beautiful river camping in Namibia Caprivi Strip 0 2011-06-21
Birding In Namibia : ' Sunrise around the deck at Ngepi Camp, where the birds rule! ' Caprivi Strip 91 2011-06-20
Ngepi Treehouses: Enchanting Ngepi Adventure Accomodation Bagani 30 2011-06-18
Magic Mahango Safari with Mark and Margie in Bwabwata National Park, Namibia Bagini 148 2011-06-17
Ngepi Camp Another Amazing Adventure : Mokorro/Watu River trip with the great guide Cristof ! Bagani 59 2011-06-16
Ngepi Camp: Getting there and away using Intercape Mainliner Bus Livingstone 5 2011-06-15
Dean's ( Chipata ) to Jollyboys ( Livingstone )-- Howling At the Moon (Lunar Eclipse) Livingstone 45 2011-06-14
Yellow Fever, Bus Travel Zambia Malawi Border area to Namibia Caprivi Strip by Bus and Taxi Mfuwe 0 2011-06-13
Last days at Flatdogs Mfuwe 28 2011-06-12
All Like Flatdogs Camp Swimming Pool Area ... Including Elephants! Mfuwe 6 2011-06-11
Tribal Textiles Tour in Mfuwe with Roger and Gina Mfuwe 36 2011-06-10
End of an Era: No More Camping at Flatdogs Camp (Other camping options available) Mfuwe 34 2011-06-09
A Three Honey Badger Night: Our Last Night Drive with Phil and Selina, Don and Sarah Mfuwe 65 2011-06-08
Flatdogs All Day Safari, Part 2 Mfuwe 103 2011-06-07
Birthday Safari: Laughing it up with Phil, Selina, Don, Sarah deep in the South Luangwa National Mfuwe 84 2011-06-06
Part 3 Morning Drive with Jarbes: Berserk Buffalo with most of tail missing; Charging Elephant Mfuwe 9 2011-06-04
Leopard in Tree ! Flatdogs Morning Drive with Jarbes, Pt 2 (Selina's Leopard ) Mfuwe 59 2011-06-03
Extra Exciting Flatdogs Adventure Drive with Jarbes: Lions in the neighborhood! Mfuwe 31 2011-06-02
Hippo vs Fisherman: Early Morning Drama on the South Luangwa River Mfuwe 8 2011-06-01
Flatdogs Cooking with Elephants Safari (There we were, surrounded by elephants!) Mfuwe 45 2011-05-30
Birding in the Luangwa Valley Mfuwe 96 2011-05-29
Medical Help in South Luangwa w Linda the Bush Doctor! Luangwa Safari Association Medical Fund Mfuwe 29 2011-05-28
Banner Day at for Wildlife Sightings at Flatdogs Camp Mfuwe 16 2011-05-27
Head guide Robbie leads us to Lions, Leopards, Giant Eagle Owls w Pink Eyelids and more! Mfuwe 135 2011-05-24
The Lion King, a grandfather lion of South Luangwa-- night safari with Jayjay Mfuwe 82 2011-05-23
Walking 'safari' (in camp), talking safari --make for nice days at Flatdogs! Mfuwe 75 2011-05-22
Living the life at Flatdogs Camp, Mfuwe, Zambia Mfuwe 13 2011-05-19
Off Road Morning Game Drive with Flatdogs Safari Guide JayJay Mfuwe 62 2011-05-17
Spectacular Sundowner and Night Safari with Malama Mfuwe 50 2011-05-16
Friday Night Pre Season Party at Flatdogs and daily life at the camp Mfuwe 17 2011-05-14
Private Conservancy Walking Safari Pretoria 48 2011-05-09
Constitution Hill in Johannesburg Johannesburg 61 2011-05-08
Fall Colors in A South African Garden Pretoria 28 2011-05-06
Getting to Flatdogs; Camp Life along the Luangwa River: Elephants, Hippos, Monkeys and More Mfuwe 11 2011-05-05
Daylight Comes to Dakar Dakar 11 2011-05-05
Backyard Habitat : Painting Bunting arrives Llano 18 2011-04-26
Hula Hut and other family fun Austin 37 2011-04-22
University of Texas at Austin : Blanton Museum Austin 18 2011-04-20
Milton Reimers Ranch Travis County Park Bee Cave 27 2011-04-19
Llano : Walking Around The Old Historic Railyard Area Llano 33 2011-04-18
Colorado Bend State Park, A Hill Country Wildlife Oasis Cherokee 38 2011-04-17
Llano Crawfish Festival : Snapshot of Rural 'Texas Like it Used to Be' Llano 43 2011-04-16
Rare Albino Sparrow in South Austin Austin 9 2011-04-14
Texas' Most Spectacular Wildlife Display: High Island Rookery High Island 97 2011-04-03
Paddling around Austin Webberville 45 2011-03-26
Opal Devine's during South by Southwest Music Fest Austin 11 2011-03-17
Eagles/ "Super Moon " Party in LLano Llano 84 2011-03-16
So long, San Gerardo Rivas 27 2011-03-06
Guided Hike in Cloudbridge Reserve Rivas 82 2011-03-05
Birding walks around San Gerardo de Rivas Talamanca Reserve Rivas 23 2011-03-03
Day Hikes around San Gerardo de Rivas : Roca Dura to Cloudbridge Reserve Rivas 84 2011-03-02
Camping in a magic garden in the cool climate of San Gerardo de Rivas Rivas 21 2011-03-01
Biking, with monkeys, around Puerto Jiminez Puerto Jimenez 48 2011-02-29
More Hiking around Puerto Jiminez : Herrera Gardens ; Manglar y muerte in Puerto Jiminez Puerto Jimenez 94 2011-02-28
Hiking in Puerto Jimenez : Parrots, Crocodiles, Monkeys, Scarlet Maccaws, Toucans y mas Puerto Jimenez 139 2011-02-27
Pre-dawn spectacle over Puerto Jiminez : hundreds parrots lift off Puerto Jimenez 47 2011-02-26
Barefoot and Paddling #4 : Secret Beach Sunrise Breakfast View Vulcan Baru Puerto Jimenez 59 2011-02-25
More Barefoot and Kayaking Part 3 : Puerto Jimenez 33 2011-02-24
More Barefoot and Kayaking Part 2 : Paddling the Puerto Jiminez Shoreline with Macaws in Love Puerto Jimenez 54 2011-02-23
Barefoot and Kayaking : That 'Pirates of the Carribean' feeling in Golfo Dulce Mangrove Quebradas a Puerto Jimenez 44 2011-02-22
'That was easy!' Manuel Antonio / Quepos to Puerto Jimenez and the Osa Peninsula Kayak Golfo Dulce Puerto Jimenez 49 2011-02-21
Hiking with Baby Sloths and Iguanas: Day Hiking around Manuel Antonio Manuel Antonio 142 2011-02-20
Huge Sloth Prays to the Rising of the Full Moon Puerto Jimenez 26 2011-02-19
Costa Rica, Rich Coast -- The magnificent coastline of Manuel Antonio (on a low budget) Manuel Antonio 106 2011-02-18
The stunning Oropendola colony seen on our way to Manuel Antonio with Costa Rica Craig Gloria 30 2011-02-17
Sunset Party on Craig's Lote: Enjoying the Pacific Uplands of Costa Rica Gloria 75 2011-02-16
Birding Costa Rica : Mot mot, Masked Titra, toucan, Aracari Vista de Mar 35 2011-02-15
Secret Costa Rica : Hiking down to the waterfall with Costa Rica Craig Vista de Mar 44 2011-02-14
Hanging Out with Costa Rica Craig : Birding and Hiking, off the beaten path in Costa Rica Vista de Mar 43 2011-02-13
Leaving Montezuma for Further Adventures with Costa Rica Craig Puntarenas 13 2011-02-12
Tales from the Jungles of Costa Rica: Hiking Cabo Blanco Preserve sound set for 1950's horror movie Montezuma 88 2011-02-11
Life is a beach at the waterfront Hotel Arenas Montezuma 32 2011-02-09
Pacific Sunrise, Parrots and Pizote , life at Luna Llena Montezuma 20 2011-02-08
Hiking in Costa Rica up the remote Rio Lajas Montezuma 68 2011-02-07
A Mess of Monkeys in Montezuma Montezuma 38 2011-02-06
Behind the waterfall Montezuma 50 2011-02-05
Breakfast 'Attack' at El Sano Banano ; y lunch at beautiful Ylang Ylang with Jerry Montezuma 40 2011-02-04
Adventures with Costa Rica Craig: 4x4 road from Cabuya to Mal Pais Mal Pais 14 2011-02-03
'Fear and Loathing' in Montezuma: Snake in the Shower, Tarantula in the Toilet Montezuma 24 2011-02-02
Colorful Cabuya Cabuya 29 2011-02-01
More of Montezuma : jungle/beach/gulf/ocean Montezuma 31 2011-01-31
Sunrise over Montezuma Montezuma 37 2011-01-30
Cruising the Golfo Nicoya on the Ferry to Paquera Paquera 27 2011-01-29
Monkey Yoga in Montezuma Montezuma 14 2011-01-28
Alajuela Tropical Hostel near San Jose, Costa Rica airport Alajuela, Costa Rica 3 2011-01-27
Awesome Cacaphony : Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge Socorro 42 2011-01-14
Journey into the Land of Enchantment: A coffee in Madrid, a leg stretch in Mountainair Madrid, New Mexico 44 2011-01-13
Surrounded by Indians: Kasha-Katuwe, Hiking in Beauty Cochiti Lake 50 2011-01-07
Happy New Year, cold and cooking Santa Fe 26 2011-01-01
New Years pics Santa Fe 19 2010-12-31
Scenes from "Jerry Entertains at the Aztec" Santa Fe 8 2010-12-27
Ghost Ranch Redux Santa Fe 72 2010-12-26
10,000 Waves Fail, and journey up the road to Santa Fe Ski Area and Back Santa Fe 10 2010-12-25
Bking Jackalope and Flying Farolitos on Christmas Eve Santa Fe 37 2010-12-24
Celebrating the Holidays with Jerry in Santa Fe Santa Fe 25 2010-12-22
Santa Fe, Snow Wonderland Santa Fe 44 2010-12-16
Dispersed camping in National Forest Outside Sedona Sedona 13 2010-12-12
Sedona, Arizona Sedona 17 2010-12-11
Navajo Nation , Lee's Ferry marble canyon 50 2010-12-10
Carp lips and suprise islands, majic moments kayaking Lake Powell Page 45 2010-12-08
Illusion in Land of the Navajo: Paddling the distance on Lake Powell Page 31 2010-12-07
Mystical Colors of Sunrise/ Sunset over Lake Powell Page 23 2010-12-06
Journeys in the Land of Enchantment: Hiking Ghost Ranch Santa Fe 76 2010-11-28
Walking Rain In Concert, Releases Santa Fe 11 2010-11-22
Hiking Near Home: Arroyo de Chamisa Trail Santa Fe 8 2010-11-21
Sierra Club Volunteers: Santa Fe River Cleanup Santa Fe 27 2010-11-20
Journeys in the Land of Enchantment: Paddling Abiquiu Reservoir In Georgia O'keefe Country Abiquiu 69 2010-11-19
Sierra Club Meeting: Guest Speakers Wildlife Rescue Santa Fe 12 2010-11-16
Meetup: Hiking Winsor Trail down from Ski Area; Potluck Santa Fe 24 2010-11-14
Meetup: Randall Davy Audubon on Upper Canyon Road Santa Fe 26 2010-11-13
Sunset Over Eldorado El Dorado at Santa Fe 15 2010-11-11
Colors and Textures of Fall, Santa Fe Santa Fe 38 2010-11-10
Magnificent Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi Santa Fe 15 2010-11-07
More Fall Fun in Santa Fe : Community Cruise (Bike Ride) Santa Fe 22 2010-11-06
A Cool Santa Fe Night Santa Fe 13 2010-11-03
Santa Fe Fall Colors Santa Fe 29 2010-11-02
Halloween Marathon Marathon 40 2010-10-30
Stunning West Texas Sunsets Marathon 29 2010-10-29
Smith Point Beauty smith point 10 2010-10-27
Galveston Ferry Galveston 10 2010-10-26
The Fabulous Wedding Party of Anna and Brian: Reception Dinner and Dance Party Historic Galvez Hotel Galveston 59 2010-10-25
The Fabulous Wedding Party of Anna and Brian: The Wedding Ceremony historic Grace Episcopal Galveston 16 2010-10-24
The Fabulous Wedding Party of Anna and Brian: Friday Night Welcome Reception Galveston 39 2010-10-23
Bike Riding around Olde Victorian Galveston and Staying at Wonderful The Garden Inn Galveston 59 2010-10-22
The Garden Inn in Old Victorian Galveston Galveston 31 2010-10-21
Harbor House Pier 21 and Fisherman's Wharf : Galveston on the Houston Ship Channel Galveston 30 2010-10-20
Llano River Park Llano 25 2010-10-07
Fall Fun in Texas Hill Country Llano 49 2010-09-30
Sunrise in Texas Panhandle Levelland 9 2010-09-15
Happy Birthday, Ms. Laura ! in Santa Fe Santa Fe 8 2010-09-10
Magic end to a Magic Journey: Bull Elk with Harem before we arrive back in Santa Fe Tres Piedras 0 2010-09-05
Scenic Backway : DuBois to Steamboat Springs via Rawlins Columbine backway Steamboat Springs Colorado 0 2010-09-04
Live Music in the Greater Yellowstone Area: Miller Sisters play in Dubois, WY Du Bois, Wyoming 14 2010-09-03
A Moose Submariner: Kayaking the Snake-- Jackson Dam to Pacific Creek Including Oxbow Detour Grand Teton National Park Division 25 2010-09-02
Kayaking Snake River Grand Teton: Hanging out in the Oxbow with a Bald Eagle Grand Teton National Park 127 2010-09-01
Grizzly Bear Encounter in Grand Teton National Park Grand Teton National Park 35 2010-08-31
The Forest Has Eyes: Back to Grand Teton Ashton, Idaho 16 2010-08-30
Drives in Yellowstone : Spectacular Scenery On the Road to Old Faithful Yellowstone National Park Division 48 2010-08-29
Hiking The Yellowstone Back Country: Ranger Led Adventure Hike near Roosevelt Yellowstone National Park Division 47 2010-08-28
Wi Fi in Yellowstone : Best in Gardiner , Montana - High Country Trading - Internet Espresso Gifts Yellowstone National Park Division 11 2010-08-26
Meeting a Bear on the Trail: Beaver Pond Ramble , Ranger Led Hike Part I, Mammoth Hot Springs Yellowstone 36 2010-08-25
Mammouth Hot Springs Historic Area bike ride. Exploratory visit nearby Gardiner, MT for supplies. Yellowstone National Park Division 50 2010-08-22
Grizzly faces off with Two Bison Bulls !; Rat eaten alive by coyote-- ewww ; Indian Creek Campground Yellowstone National Park Division 25 2010-08-21
Wolves in Yellowstone: The Canyon Pack Howls, and We Saw the Pups! Yellowstone National Park Division 21 2010-08-20
View to A Kill: Hayden Valley wolves and grizzlies, coyotes and ravens compete for dead meat. Yellowstone National Park Division 65 2010-08-19
Canyon Pack: Awesome Viewing of Grizzlies and Wolves Interacting at Bison Carcass Yellowstone National Park Division 16 2010-08-18
Big Moose Day at Moose Junction! Grand Teton National Park Division 56 2010-08-17
Glorious Days Spent Kayaking on Jackson Lake from Coulter Bay Marina Grand Teton National Park Division 41 2010-08-16
Four elk crossing, and evening game drive Grand Teton National Park Division 15 2010-08-15
Pacific Creek Primitive Road into National Forest; Ranger: Is it A Wolf or A Coyote? Grand Teton National Park Division 32 2010-08-14
Kayaking In Grand Teton National Park : Swimming Deer, Surrounded by Otters in Coulter Bay Grand Teton National Park Division 42 2010-08-13
Spectacular views from Gros Ventre Rd, Jackson Hole, Rockefeller Preserve, Jenny Lake Big Mouths Grand Teton National Park 43 2010-08-12
Young Black Bear Enjoys Forest Buffet Near Tower Falls Yellowstone National Park Division 50 2010-08-11
Yellowstone Wolves: 2 Wolf Packs in One Day, with a Couple of Black Bears to Boot ! Yellowstone National Park Division 33 2010-08-10
Incredible wildlife day in Yellowstone-grizzly bears, wolves, and black bears before noon! Yellowstone National Park Division 23 2010-08-09
Yellowstone: Hayden Valley, Slough Creek, Stopped by Rangers re Some "Very Bad People Yellowstone National Park Division 26 2010-08-08
Fishing Bridge. Ranger Hike Stormy Point, Hayden Valley Buffalo Stampede Yellowstone National Park Division 55 2010-08-07
Bridge Bay Camp: Biking Natural Bridge / Gull Point ; Evening at Lake Hotel Yellowstone National Park Division 25 2010-08-06
Grizzly Mother with Twins, One Cub Stands Up on Hind Legs ! Yellowstone National Park Division 51 2010-08-05
Return to Beautiful Yellowstone Lake : Bridge Bay Yellowstone National Park Division 15 2010-08-04
Grand Teton National Park ! Paddling Jackson Lake Dam to Pacific Creek Moose 18 2010-08-03
Grand Teton NP / Snake River Birding : Paddling the Oxbow Moose 21 2010-08-02
Signal Mountain Camping, Overlooking georgeous Lake Jackson and the Teton Mountains ! Grand Teton National Park 7 2010-08-01
Evening at Jackson Lake Lodge Grand Teton National Park 9 2010-07-31
Camping at Warren Bridge on Green River Warren Bridge, Green River 3 2010-07-30
Steamboat Springs to Bridger Teton BLM camp to Jackson Steamboat Springs 0 2010-07-29
On the road to Yellowstone: Historic Salida , Victoria Bar , RV Repair Salida 14 2010-07-27
Walt's 90th Sugar Land 25 2010-06-16
Pronghorn on Patrol NM,; Llano in Summer Llano 14 2010-06-09
Heading home via the Shiprock, Indians on Galloping Horses Shiprock 30 2010-05-29
To the Lonely Dell Ranch and Back by bike at Lee's Ferry Marble Canyon 61 2010-05-28
The Fabulous Colorado River Canyon upstream from Lee's Ferry in GCNRA Marble Canyon 84 2010-05-27
Primitive Road around Zion, and Laura's Roadside Kitchen-with-a-view Rockville 85 2010-05-26
Driving the Extraterrestrial Highway, looking for aliens! Tonopah 73 2010-05-25
Fresh Snow Spectacle: Desert Bighorn Sheep watch White Pelicans Crusing Over Walker Lake Hawthorne 43 2010-05-24
Berkeley to Walker Lake via Lake Tahoe: Awesome Beauty with Snow! South Lake Tahoe 86 2010-05-23
View of San Francisco from Berkeley Marina Berkeley 15 2010-05-22
An Evening at Berkeley's Garage Gallery Berkeley 114 2010-05-21
Berkeley Outlet and Biking The Russell Street Bicycle Boulevard berkeley 27 2010-05-17
Paddling up the Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Reserve at Moss Landing Moss Landing 50 2010-05-16
Biking Spectacular Pacific Grove Pacific Grove 95 2010-05-15
Day 2: Sea Lions Tracking Our Kayak ; Sad Discovery--Three Dead In The Water Monterey 53 2010-05-14
Lions in the Water: Kayaking in the extraordinary Monterey Bay Monterey 172 2010-05-13
San Simeon Elephant Seals; Running on Empty Through Beautiful Big Sur San Simeon 86 2010-05-12
MB Bike Ride; Montana de Oro SP; Morro Rock Peregrine Falcon Watch Morro Bay 55 2010-05-11
Morro Bay, California: Kayaking Past Sea Lions, Strange Squirrels, Volcanos and More Morro Bay 128 2010-05-10
Las Vegas to Morro Bay, CA in a Day Las Vegas 48 2010-05-09
Day Biking Heavenly Zion Zion National Park 55 2010-05-08
Kanab, Utah: Day Hike, Night Sing kanab 23 2010-05-07
Paddling Lake Powell Slot Canyon Big Water 100 2010-05-06
Kayaking Lone Rock Lake Powell with Sky and Bobbi Page 45 2010-05-05
Lake Powell or a Disney Films MARS ? Page 50 2010-05-04
America the Beautiful ! US Hwy 89 Pullout Walkabout Page 31 2010-05-03
Navajo Nation Historic Vistas Bitter Springs 50 2010-05-02
Restoring Rivers by Planting Trees with WildEarth Guardians Santa Fe 18 2010-05-01
Rex Warren Sings to the Mountain Bernalillo 0 2010-04-31
The Gigantic Beauty of Big Bend National Park in Spring Marathon 50 2010-04-20
Marathon's White Buffalo Marathon 39 2010-04-19
Blanco Bike Ride: Elo Krueger Loop Blanco 40 2010-04-11
Inks Lake and Devil's Waterhole Llano 90 2010-04-10
Perfect Weather for Turtles Llano 46 2010-04-01
Hill Country Spring: Windy Paddling and Wildflower Wonders Lago Vista 41 2010-03-28
San Gerardo de Rivas to San Jose: Braving the Hill of Death along the InterAmericana Highway San Gerardo 18 2010-03-02
Birding in Costa Rica : Rewarding But Oh So Difficult San Gerardo 43 2010-03-01
Running with the Talamanca : Carrera al Chirripo Annual International Marathon and Festival San Gerardo 30 2010-02-27
Camping in Costa Rica : Hunkered down on the Rio Chirripo behind the Hard Rock Hotel San Gerardo 58 2010-02-26
Hot and steamy to cool and cloudy: Getting from Puerto Jimenez to San Gerardo de Rivas San Gerardo 13 2010-02-25
Juanita's : Tex -Mex Comfort Food in Puerto Jimenez Puerto Jimenez 3 2010-02-24
Cabinas Jimenez : Kayaking Golfo Dulce and the Giant Mangroves Puerto Jimenez 89 2010-02-19
Great Dentist in Puerto Jimenez, and La Palma, our favorite resturant/bar in Puerto Jim Puerto Jimenez 24 2010-02-18
Scarlet Macaw mating dance? More pics from Puerto Jim Puerto Jimenez 57 2010-02-17
Herrera Botanical Gardens and Conservation Area Puerto Jimenez 74 2010-02-16
Scarlet Macaws, amazing nesting photos, yes!!!!!! Puerto Jimenez 43 2010-02-15
Osa Peninsula, Muy Tropical : exotic/funky Puerto Jiminez on the beautiful Golfo Dulce Puerto Jimenez 60 2010-02-14
How DO you get to Puerto Jiminez? Puerto Jimenez 3 2010-02-13
Spectacular Sunset at El Avion, CIA-funded Airplane bar overlooking the Pacific Quepos 38 2010-02-12
Day Hike to Mirador, beach in Manuel Antonio National Park Quepos 48 2010-02-11
Wow, Endangered Squirrel Monkeys greet us at Paradise on the Cheap near Manuel Antonio National Park Quepos 31 2010-02-10
5 am, we are being attacked ? Fun in old port town of Puntarenas. Puntarenas 23 2010-02-09
Tiny Toads Everywhere: Birding Rio Lajas and Cabuya Cabuya 58 2010-02-07
Day trip from Montezuma to Santa Teresa / Mal Pais Santa Teresa 15 2010-02-06
Parrots of Montezuma Montezuma 26 2010-02-05
Beach hike to Waterfall Montezuma 33 2010-02-04
The mysterious Howler Monkeys of Montezuma arrive with a baby! Montezuma 33 2010-02-03
More beautiful birds of Montezuma Montezuma 22 2010-02-02
San Gerardo de Rivas , Wi Fi and Great Birding at Talamanca Reserve and Pelicano Hotel San Gerardo 22 2010-02-02
Agouti a go go Montezuma 9 2010-02-01
Monkeying around in Montezuma Montezuma 35 2010-01-31
Mot mot, striped squirrel, bare-throated tiger heron, Waterfall Swim Montezuma 40 2010-01-30
Birds on horseback Montezuma 26 2010-01-29
Montezuma, tropical paradise Montezuma 16 2010-01-28
San Jose (Alajuela) to Puntarenas to Copano to Montezuma Alajuela 25 2010-01-27
Alajuela Tropical Hostel, medical care, changing money, Costa Rica travel advice, private tours Alajuela 16 2010-01-26
Wireless in DFW DFW Airport 4 2010-01-25
On the Ground w/ WildEarth Guardians: Black Range Lodge B & B Hillsboro 19 2009-11-06
Powerful Roof Solar with Vast Blue Sky LLano 7 2009-10-31
Paddle Paradise Deep in the Heart of Texas San Marcos 23 2009-10-25
Pay to Kill Desert Elephants, or Save Them? Ugab River 0 2009-10-11
Pro Musica Concert in Santa Fe; Rex Warren on the Ore House Balcony Santa Fe 17 2009-10-04
Wildflowers, Tsankawa Prehistoric site in Bandelier National Monument Los Alamos 22 2009-09-30
WildEarth Guardians and converting the Valles Calera National Preserve Valles Caldera National Preserve, New Mexico 49 2009-09-29
Hiking around Taos in the Rio Grande Valley Taos 45 2009-09-12
Frankie Flats, Biking and Bike Repairs in Santa Fe Santa Fe 32 2009-08-26
Lions right outside the gate! More Skukuza Camp game drive pics skukuza 19 2009-08-01
A Magic Last Leopard, After Being Surrounded by Elephants! Kruger 65 2009-07-31
Bushlife Xperiences Owners Know how to have fun in Africa! Skukuza 15 2009-07-30
Game Drives from Lower Sabie Lower Sabie 118 2009-07-29
Beautiful Lower Sabie Camp, now with Internet by Afriweb Lower Sabie 14 2009-07-28
Vicious Lovers: Lions at Dusk, Mating, Then Stalking Off For Their Nightly Hunt / Pretoriuskop Camp Lower Sabie 74 2009-07-27
Internet in Kruger Park, with Hyenas, Bats and much more: Skukuza Rest Camp Skukuza 14 2009-07-26
Africa Mystique: Skull and Bones Hanging From a Tree Satara Rest Camp 36 2009-07-25
Death of a Chameleon Satara Rest Camp 7 2009-07-24
Unbelieveable, we see another leopard in a tree, this one MUCH closer!! Satara Rest Camp 39 2009-07-23
Tiny Scops Owl and Honeybadger in Daylight, and other Satara Camp area wildlife Satara Rest Camp 74 2009-07-22
Part II of a View to A Kill: Male Lion Attacks Young Males, Rips Face Off Prey Satara Rest Camp 94 2009-07-21
A View to A Kill: Lion cubs, and other tales of Kruger primitive road, Satara 100 Satara Rest Camp 36 2009-07-20
Whte Rhinoceros grazing, come up close to us AND Lions try to attack Buffalo in early morning Satara Rest Camp 46 2009-07-19
The Magic of Africa, Seeing our First Leopard in a Tree is Like A Dream Come True Letaba Rest Camp 77 2009-07-18
Shingwedzi from Letaba game drives Letaba Rest Camp 61 2009-07-17
Fast Internet in Africa: Outside Phalaborwa Gate Phalaborwa 6 2009-07-16
Kangaroo in Africa? First out of the gate at 6am, last in at 5:30, and times in between Kruger National Park 46 2009-07-15
Oliphants Camp : Gorgeous views of Kruger: Kruger National Park 41 2009-07-14
Baby elephant falls, helped up, runs like crazy ! Kruger National Park 7 2009-07-13
Fall Colors Zebra Kruger National Park 16 2009-07-12
Birding Kruger Park, Vulture nesting ............ and other Game sightings from Letaba Kruger National Park 50 2009-07-08
Fools Feeding Heyenas Through the Fence: Letaba Rest Camp , Kruger Park Kruger National Park 50 2009-07-07
Holy Moly, HIV Monkey Research at Chobe Safari Lodge ! Chobe National Park 18 2009-07-04
Chobe National Park Boat Trip Chobe National Park 25 2009-07-01
In the Footprints of Elephants : More Ngepi Camp and Mahango Game Preserve Caprivi Strip 46 2009-06-22
Water monitor at Ngepi Caprivi Strip 22 2009-06-21
Ngepi Camp fun, Mahengo Game Reserve Wildlife Caprivi Strip 76 2009-06-20
Obama Pub and Wanky Tusk : Living with Elephants and Hippos and more South Luangwa National Park 1 2009-06-16
Birding Zambia, Adventure camping w Elephants /Hippos at Flatdogs , South Luangwa National Park South Luangwa National Park 26 2009-06-06
Leopard hunting in South Luangwa National Park South Luangwa National Park 6 2009-05-29
Deans Hillview Lodge Chipata, Zambia Accomodation - Bed and Breakfast - Camping - Chipata 0 2009-05-12
Lusaka Backpackers (formerly Chachacha backpackers) to Chipata Lusaka 10 2009-05-10
Johannesburg Airport and Lusaka Backpackers Pictures Johannesburg 0 2009-05-05
Llano, Texas : River Beauty, Wildflowers, Crawfish Festival, Painted Buntings Llano 0 2009-04-29
Zion National Park : Biking , Bus riding , Camping Springdale 23 2009-04-06
East of Zion , Tunnel of Love Kanab 22 2009-04-05
Sandstorm Survivors: Tourists from Hell Ride Through the Dust Kayenta 11 2009-04-04
Dead Horse State Park Moab 13 2009-04-03
Canyonlands National Park Moab, 16 2009-04-02
Moab , Negro Bill , White Rim Overlook, Dead Horse State Park Moab, 21 2009-04-01
Pinnacles of Canyonlands ; Newspaper Rock Moab, 15 2009-03-31
Valley of the Gods ; Tourist question: What do you do up here? Mexican Hat 50 2009-03-30
Hit by Tour Bus of French Tourists, beautiful House Rock Valley Road kanab 29 2009-03-29
Day trips near Page and Lake Powell : Toadstools, Upper Antelope Canyon, The Wave Page 44 2009-03-27
Canyon survivors! Upstream, overnight, extreme paddling conditions marble canyon 35 2009-03-26
Trip Prep Las Vegas, on the road to Lee's Ferry marble canyon 30 2009-03-24
Paddling Willow Beach, Wind! Hoover Dam ; Sunset Coffee House -- Free WiFi , organic Las Vegas 25 2009-03-22
Condors, Bluebirds, Birding Grand Canyon ; Boondocking , dry camping, outside the Grand Canyon Grand Canyon 27 2009-03-21
Nice Indians Behind You : Flagstaff to Grand Canyon via Cameron ; Canyon Views, Nightlife Grand Canyon 33 2009-03-20
Kayaking / Birding the Verde River : Blackhawks from White Bridge to Beasley Flats Camp Verde 61 2009-03-19
Daytrips from Sedona: Hot Air Balloon close call, Guided Bird Walk Red Rocks State Park Sedona 38 2009-03-18
Day trips from Sedona: Palatki Ruins and Pictographs by reservation at busy times Sedona 48 2009-03-17
Seductive Sedona : Camping free near Sedona, dispersed camping National Forest free Sedona 21 2009-03-16
Birding near Albuquerque : Bald Eagles on the Rio Grande from kayak Bernalillo 31 2009-03-08
Bernalillo camping on the Rio Grande , Coronado Park / Coronado State Monument Bernalillo 29 2009-03-02
Day hikes near Santa Fe : Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument Cochiti Pueblo 27 2009-03-01
Paddling Cochiti Lake Cochi 23 2009-02-21
Corrales, New Mexico Real Estate in Rex Warren Country: Tijuana Bar with Rex, Misty and Steven Corrales 4 2009-01-26
Beautiful Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, Part II Socorro 40 2009-01-21
Davis Mountains State Park Fort Davis 23 2009-01-20
Big Bend Ranch State Park -- Primitive Camping Lajitas 7 2009-01-19
Big Bend National Park: Kayaking from Santa Elena Canyon Exit to Cottonwood Big Bend National Park 12 2009-01-18
Big Bend National Park : Birding with Ranger at Cottonwood Campground Big Bend National Park 22 2009-01-17
Big Bend National Park : Hot Springs on the Rio Grande Big Bend National Park 30 2009-01-16
Big Bend National Park : Chisos Mountains Basin campground Panther Junction, Texas 36 2009-01-15
White Buffalo Bar and The Gage Hotel Marathon 24 2009-01-14
Kayaking Pecos River Canyon Lake Amistad Del Rio 49 2009-01-13
White Sands National Monument Nature Trail, where Cottonwoods are sunk in sand, Kit Fox is King ! White Sands Division 25 2009-01-12
Hot Springs Reunion with Stefan ! Riverbend Hot Springs in T or C Truth or Consequences 13 2009-01-11
Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge : One of the last great places for wildlife ! san antonio 23 2009-01-10
Santa Fe with the Swiss Santa Fe 25 2009-01-02
Our Anniversary with Barack Obama, Rex Warren, Dan and Barbara; Sandia Tram fun Albuquerque 33 2008-12-30
Taos Old Town : Alley Cantina with Dan and Barbara Taos, New Mexico, Populated Place 18 2008-12-29
Cultural Dance and Battle Reenactment near Santa Fe Santa Fe, New Mexico, Populated Place 16 2008-12-28
More Canyon Road in Winter Santa Fe, New Mexico, Populated Place 12 2008-12-27
Barbara and Dan treat us to Ten Thousand Waves Santa Fe ! Santa Fe, New Mexico, Populated Place 6 2008-12-26
New Mexico Chili Christmas time, with aliens, antelopes, and other Little Friends of the Snow ! Santa Fe, New Mexico, Populated Place 30 2008-12-20
Guatemala to Caye Caulker in one day caye corker 0 2008-12-15
Kayaking Sailing Caye Caulker with a corker: Toucancanoe guide Allie Ifield caye corker 48 2008-12-06
Beautiful exotic Yaxha Yaxha 68 2008-12-01
Flores, Los Amigos Backpackers, Lago Peten Itza, Rasta Rolex Flores 39 2008-11-29
Birding Tikal area , More Tikal 53 2008-11-27
From the jungles of Central America : Tikal , Guatemala, and the Jaguar Inn tent rentals Tikal 79 2008-11-26
San Ignacio Mana Kai camping , Banana Wine by Locust and Honey from Hopkins San Ignacio 14 2008-11-25
Gales Point and the coastal highway , Emmeth, Creole Drums and Chef Sean ! Gales Point 34 2008-11-24
Belize City funky town oasis : Seaside Guesthouse Belize City 19 2008-11-22
airfare to Belize on American Airlines Belize City 8 2008-11-21
Berkeley Outlet , Berkeley Marina, Berkeley Botanical Gardens and fun with Carl Berkeley 78 2008-11-10
Big Sur Fernwood Campground, Bar and Nepenthe Big Sur 26 2008-11-09
Big Sur Camping in the Redwoods, Fantastic Coastal Beauty Big Sur 12 2008-11-08
Fabulous hidden beach, Big Sur Day Trips and Hikes Big Sur 25 2008-11-07
Pacific Grove : Picnic at The Spectacular Lover's Point Park on Monterey Bay Pacific Grove 8 2008-11-06
Monterey, one of our favorite most beautiful places ! Monterey 60 2008-11-04
Interior Designer in Houston Weds : Julie Meers becomes Julie Grove Houston 30 2008-11-01
Back in Santa Fe in time for Fall Colors ! Santa Fe 19 2008-10-08
Steamboat Springs Fall colors, Nightlife, Bars, Beatlekiller, RV park camping Steamboat Springs 13 2008-09-26
View to a Kill -- Grizzly on a Dead Body in Grand Teton Grand Teton National Park 19 2008-09-25
Sea Eagle Explorer takes us on a mini expedition, overnight camping in style! Bears and fears ! Grand Teton National Park 41 2008-09-24
Magnificent Teton Mountains and Jackson Lake Lodge Bar Grand Teton National Park 22 2008-09-23
Young Bull Moose slinging his head around in the Grand Teton camping area ! Grand Teton National Park 8 2008-09-22
Grand Teton , Kayaking the Snake: Jackson Dam to Pacific Creek Grand Teton National Park 36 2008-09-21
Grizzly Bear Encounter ; Fall Colors ; Hiking around Two Oceans Lake Grand Teton National Park 26 2008-09-20
Kayaking Jackson Lake Grand Teton National Park 12 2008-09-19
Snake River Kayaking: Pacific Creek to Dead Man Bar Grand Teton National Park 24 2008-09-18
Kayaking Grand Teton National Park : Oxbow Yellowstone National Park Division 45 2008-09-17
Jackson Hole Wyoming : Live Music, Good Food, Partying on Nadxi's Birthday ! Yellowstone National Park Division 28 2008-09-16
Wolves of Yellowstone! ; 3500 miles on his bike: Julien and Grassy Lake Road Yellowstone National Park Division 19 2008-09-15
Biking Yellowstone : Marmot at Natural Bridge, Coyote or Wolf? Yellowstone National Park Division 27 2008-09-14
Close up with Bison, Mud Volcano, Dragon's Mouth , King Bull Elk , Cascade drive! Yellowstone National Park Division 40 2008-09-13
Kayak Sailing Yellowstone Lake; Laura's Birthday Celebration at Lake Yellowstone Lodge Yellowstone National Park Division 29 2008-09-12
9/11 Kayaking Lake Yellowstone from Bridge Bay; Huge Bull in the campground! Yellowstone National Park Division 30 2008-09-11
Old Faithful Geyser evidence of hot volcanic activity at Yellowstone Yellowstone National Park Division 22 2008-09-10
Elk in love --Drama at Mammoth, Yellowstone NP Yellowstone National Park Division 22 2008-09-09
Bison Rule! Pronghorns Prance! Buffalo River Crossing ! Yellowstone National Park Division 47 2008-09-07
Yellowstone: More Tower Falls, Big Horn Sheep, Osprey on nest Yellowstone 28 2008-09-06
Yellowstone River,Hayden Valley, Canyon Village, Tower Falls Yellowstone 41 2008-09-05
Yellowstone Lake: Bridge Bay and Beyond Yellowstone 19 2008-09-04
Yellowstone National Park, super scenery, wildlife, supervolcano Yellowstone National Park Division 19 2008-09-03
Road to Yellowstone -- Evan, friend and role model, Boulder Colorado Boulder 24 2008-09-02
David Neidert grave marker, Veteran's Cemetary, Denver, Co Denver 4 2008-09-01
Garden of the Gods, Boondocking adventure colorado springs 37 2008-08-30
Trainwreck narrowly avoided : El Vado Lake / Chama to historic Salida, Colorado Salida 14 2008-08-27
Wild Turkey Morning , Coyote Screams Echoing: Boondocking Northern New Mexico Mountain Pass Tusas Mountains 6 2008-08-26
Backcountry by Kayak: Primitive Waterfront Camping El Vado Lake Tierra Amarilla 64 2008-08-25
Scouting the Rio Grande River and BLM campsites - Awesome drive up and out Pilar 26 2008-08-24
Taos revisited, and thoroughly enjoyed Taos 73 2008-08-23
Milagro Beanfield Wars, along the High Road to Taos Truchas 40 2008-08-22
Santa Cruz Lake Kayaking and camping, day trips from Santa Fe Santa Cruz Lake 38 2008-08-21
Nightlife in Santa Fe: Evangelo's Santa Fe 14 2008-08-12
Santa Fe Farmer's Market Santa Fe 0 2008-08-11
Biking around Santa Fe -- having fun brainstorming ideas for Texas Couture with Denise and Jerry Santa Fe 47 2008-08-10
Party weekend in Santa Fe Santa Fe 33 2008-08-09
Camping Hiking Santa Fe: Nambe Falls and campground on 'indian reservation' Nambe 33 2008-08-08
Birding Kayaking Santa Fe with our new 'Limoyak' -- Sea Eagle 420X : Nambe Pueblo's Reservoir Nambe 49 2008-08-07
Paddlepower Festival Part II, and Big Eddy take out, Chama Wild and Scenic River Santa Fe 24 2008-08-05
Summer in Santa Fe : Kayaking Heron Lake Festival Santa Fe 70 2008-08-04
Honda CRV becomes a dingy for the Global Warmer II Santa Fe 13 2008-07-31
Ebay and Paypal -- A story of Perils and benefits of online purchasing Santa Fe 4 2008-07-26
Fly fishing in the Pecos River National Forest outside Santa Fe Pecos 13 2008-07-10
Off Road near Santa Fe, and Pecos Santa Fe 69 2008-07-09
Beaver are back in Santa Fe! Santa Fe 7 2008-07-07
Santa Fe Summer Outdoor Fun-- Bandelier National Monument with Gary Los Alamos 39 2008-07-06
Fourth of July Part II, Santa Fe Old car show near the PLaza Santa Fe 33 2008-07-05
July 4th Weekend in Santa Fe Santa Fe 48 2008-07-04
Santa Fe, NM Area Native American Rock Art Santa Fe 42 2008-06-29
Birding in Texas, Painted Bunting near Junction Junction 30 2008-06-16
Austin Hill Country Wedding Austin 48 2008-06-14
Weekend Party at Caddo Lake -- birding, canoeing, cabin rentals, fishing, scenery Uncertain 46 2008-05-18
San Francisco Mountains near Flagstaff Flagstaff 4 2008-04-23
Lonely Dell Ranch at Lee's Ferry, living history / moon over Lee's Ferry marble canyon 19 2008-04-22
Spring flowers at Lee's Ferry marble canyon 15 2008-04-21
Lee's Ferry Condor, Paddling on the Colorado Marble Canyon 52 2008-04-20
Navajo Nation: Earth Day early at Lake Powell/Page, Az Page 35 2008-04-19
Spontaneous Road Trip to Lake Powell and Lee's Ferry Page 38 2008-04-18
Santa Fe River Plaza Bike Free Wi Fi great Coffee at LATITUDES , GPS 35 Degrees 67' North Santa Fe 12 2008-04-14
Santa Fe, Dinner at the Condo, and repair, remodel, birding Santa Fe, New Mexico 32 2008-04-10
Santa Fe, Free things to do in Santa Fe in the spring. Tree planting with Wild Earth Guardians Santa Fe, New Mexico 28 2008-04-06
Santa Fe, New Mexico Birding in Santa Fe on Saturday morning, early spring Santa Fe, New Mexico 29 2008-04-05
Austin Real Estate that we wish we owned Austin, Texas 14 2008-03-15
Day trips from Austin : Meanwhile, back at the "ranch" in Llano, TX Llano, Texas, populated place 31 2008-03-10
RVing in Mexico, Topes or Toll roads, you decide -- What we learned on our 41 days of driving along the road 0 2008-02-28
Mexico RVing or Truck Camper, Baja Ferries Ferry La Paz back to Topolobampo then Hill Country home La Paz 0 2008-02-27
Cabos San Lucas y San Jose del Cabo mas rapido Cabo San Lucas 15 2008-02-23
Boondocking in Todos Santos -- Living it up at the Hotel California Todos Santos 19 2008-02-21
Todos Santos, Beachfront whales rubbing, whales spy hopping Todos Santos 42 2008-02-20
Spy hopping whales Todos Santos Todos Santos 9 2008-02-19
Where did the wind blow us? La Paz 10 2008-02-17
Baja California Whale touching, touched by whales Magdalena Bay 33 2008-02-16
Racing Hundreds of Dolphins Magdalena Bay 12 2008-02-15
Whale Tours Baja expedition by Mar y Adventuras -- Life in a beach camp Magdalena Bay 12 2008-02-14
Barbara saved a Giant Squid ! Magdalena Bay 18 2008-02-13
Baja California Gray whales Ballenas mating, logging, spy hopping in Magdalena Bay, Mar y Adventuras Baja 25 2008-02-12
EXtreme Serendipity La Paz, Baja Sur Baja 19 2008-02-11
Carnival in La Paz, Baja Sur La Paz 8 2008-02-10
Baja Ferry RV Night Sailing from Los Mochis / Topolobampo to La Paz Topolobampo 12 2008-02-08
The Wonderful Fuentes family! Los Mochis 19 2008-02-07
Mardi Gras, Alamos, Sonora, Mexico ; RV camping at Rancho Acosta Alamos 51 2008-02-05
Hiking Copper Canyon with a guide -- Evan from Heaven Copper Canyon Divisadero Hot Springs 1 2008-02-04
El Fuerte Copper Canyon Gate, After two hundred plus GPS turn marks to Zorro, El Fuerte at last El Fuerte 20 2008-02-01
No Ambushes thank God, Copper Canyon off road Creel /El Fuerte, 4x4 High Cl, Edmundo's GPS Track, Creel 48 2008-01-31
Belgique Belgians amazing hiking Urique Batopilas Urique Urique 3 2008-01-30
Day Hikes and mountain biking around Urique Urique 10 2008-01-29
Urique, Camping Hostel Cabin, Entre de Amigos, Garden of Eden Urique 20 2008-01-28
Camping in a Cave, Caving in Mexico Camping Cave for Rent, and rest of pictures of Road to Urique Mesa de Arturo 39 2008-01-27
Driving to Urique attempt number two, Low Road Cuiteco Bahuichivo Cerocahui, Mesa de Arturo Urique Urique 30 2008-01-26
Lost Boots Road: Creel, Divisadero, High Road to Bahuichivo Cerocahui Divisadero 34 2008-01-25
Kayaking in Mexico flatwater, Lago de Arareko, near Creel, Copper Canyon Creel 26 2008-01-23
Barranca Del Cobre adventure Batopilas from Creel -- Bats, Burros, and Incredible Road trip Creel 106 2008-01-20
Big Bend Ranch State Park Primitive Camping Lajitas 0 2008-01-19
Mexico / Texas border vehicle crossing Presidio Ojinaga to Chihuahua city, Cuahtemoc, Creel Presidio 46 2008-01-18
RV Repair Del Rio, Alpine, Big Bend Area Border Camping Presidio 32 2008-01-17
Big Bend National Park day hike Big Bend National Park 32 2008-01-17
Santa Fe - First snow at de Condo Santa Fe 13 2007-11-23
Grand Canyon River Trip Grand Sendoff from Lee's Ferry Lee's Ferry, Arizona 37 2007-10-31
New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona -- Camping Out West with John and Wanda Santa Fe 52 2007-10-04
Santa Fe -- Entertaining with Fazzer and Lisa Santa Fe 13 2007-09-27
Rotterdam Rivers of Wine Rotterdam 8 2007-08-31
Rotterdam, Rivers of Wine Rotterdam 8 2007-08-31
Rotterdam reunion Rotterdam 31 2007-08-30
Breede, Belgium Breede 0 2007-08-29
Belgian Wine Cellar - Andre's private retreat a treat! Antwerp 8 2007-08-28
Ghent , Belgium -- Beautiful Historic City Ghent 32 2007-08-27
Antwerp Antwerpen Things to do, The Zoo! Antwerp 57 2007-08-26
Belgian recipes--Mussels ala Andre and Lilly and Belgian (not french OR freedom) fries Antwerp 23 2007-08-25
Belgium Beautiful: Brugge Brugge 69 2007-08-24
Antwerp Antwerpen, a taste of old Europe--Our reunion with Chief Monkey Andre and the lovely Lily! Antwerp 8 2007-08-23
Ngepi Camp, Namibia wins Camp of the Year Again!! Cape Town 1 2007-08-20
Cape Town waterfront pics Cape Town 126 2007-08-19
Chobe National Park, more pictures from the boat cruises Chobe National Park 47 2007-08-16
Chobe National Park activities kasane 45 2007-08-15
Kasane, Botswana Chobe gateway -- more pics Chobe National Park 18 2007-08-11
Botswana Kasane Computers and other Internet Cafes kasane 1 2007-08-10
Botswana Backpackers camping Chobe Safari Lodge Campsite kasane 17 2007-08-09
Chobe National Park, warthogs looking in the tent, vervet monkeys and banded mongoose on the prowl Kasane 88 2007-08-08
Brenda, wonderful lady from Katima Mulilo Katima Mulilo 2 2007-08-07
Ngepi Camp, Namibia, The best of the Caprivi Strip Caprivi 77 2007-07-28
Saint Lucia to Shakawe --Friends, Divine Order and Cultural Experiences on way to Ngepi Shakawe 10 2007-07-25
Hluhluwe-Imfolozi, no tent camping in the park Hluhluwe Hluhluwe Umfolozi Park 15 2007-07-22
Saint Lucia wetlands, Hippos on the lawn Saint Lucia 30 2007-07-21
Swaziland or Smokyland? Crocodile Bridge Gate to Malolotja Reserve Malolotja Reserve 5 2007-07-18
Kruger Lower Sabie area -- more Kruger 10 2007-07-17
Portraits of a male lion at rest Kruger 31 2007-07-16
Kruger Lower Sabie Camp tent camping--So many animals, we took our time and watched them! Kruger 70 2007-07-15
Kruger Satara Camp tent camping-- Big Five in less than two days! Kruger 26 2007-07-13
Kruger Phalowbora Gate Elephant Walk Backpackers Letaba camping --Big Five, Big Fun, Big Phalaborwa Kruger National Park 51 2007-07-11
Graskop Area on way to Kruger --Let's do some walking for a change..... Graskop to Phalowbora 19 2007-07-09
Pilanesberg Park Camping, a Rhino around every corner Pilanesberg Park 25 2007-07-07
Johannesberg Airport, Shoestring Airport Lodge Backpackers with Rob,Tabatha, Jerry, Naxdli Johannesberg 4 2007-07-05
Cape Town from Austin, 34 hours, no elephants yet Cape Town 9 2007-07-03
Old Town North Ranch House, Llano, TX Llano 0 2007-06-01
Scenic Texas 71, wildflowers In the Hill Country Austin 6 2007-05-22
Singer Songwriter Rex Warren wins New Mexico Music Award! Albuquerque 3 2007-05-21
Living in Santa Fe ? Santa Fe 43 2007-05-15
Jenny Bishop, the Santa Fe real estate angel, rookie of the year with coldwell banker! Santa Fe 3 2007-05-14
Santa Fe Opera and condo in Santa Fe Santa Fe 4 2007-05-01
Santa Fe, Ole! Global Warming and Snow in May Santa Fe 9 2007-04-20
Birding birds in Panama : Hostel LOST and FOUND ! Bocas del Torro to David 69 2007-03-15
Bocas, Panama --Water shortages--While you are having fun, eco tourist meet thyself! Bocas del Toro 0 2007-03-14
Bocas Del Torro bus trip Almirante water taxi, Heike Hostel, Mondo Taitu Bocas del Toro 57 2007-03-10
Two weeks on Isla Boca Brava...Hanging, hiking and howling Isla Boca Brava 56 2007-02-25
Retiring and Blogs Boquete Panama : Boquete Panama Guide Boquete 1 2007-02-20
Boquete Biligual Services Pete`s Mountain Tours and Dentist Lao Santiza have lived in Texas Boquete 24 2007-02-19
Hiking Birding Panama: Boquete - Tres Paseos, y Quetzals at Three miles high in Boquete Area Boquete 48 2007-02-16
Panama: Boquete Boogie, Birding, and Coffee drinking Boquete 33 2007-02-09
Gamboa Horror in the rainforest; thrill seekers go it alone in the jungle with no sure ride back.... Panama City 33 2007-02-08
Panama-The US military is gone, but the Smithsonian is still in Panama and nowhere else outside US? Panama City 31 2007-02-06
Panama - Casco Viejo and the Miraflores lock on the Panama Canal Panama City 60 2007-02-05
Birds of Panama help requested Panama City 0 2007-02-02
Escaping the US Fear culture; airline travel tales; to native americans and high rises in .Panama ! Panama City 7 2007-01-31
Washington, D.C. The nation's capitol--this is what democracy looks like Washington, D.C. USA 82 2007-01-27
More work on our B & B to be in Llano, TX Llano, Texas, USA 3 2007-01-22
Big Bend in December Big Bend National Park, Texas, USA 20 2006-12-22
the Miller Sisters in Jackson Hole Wyoming w update Yellowstone 0 2006-09-10
In the company of moose Yellowstone 14 2006-08-23
Muskrat Love,and Ducks on Ice! Utah Red Rocks! Kanab 0 2006-05-03
Waaayyy out wild, wild West Marathon 10 2006-04-08
Spring in Texas, and then...... High Island 32 2006-04-06
Tragedy at Lovers Point, and " Earthquake weather" Monterey 0 2005-12-22
Back in Austin --Around [on] the World in 80 Days Austin 10 2005-10-19
Peak Life Experience swimming at the edge of Victoria Falls, Zambia Livingstone 33 2005-10-12
Dr. Livingstone I presume.... Livingstone 26 2005-10-10
Leaving Botswana Kasane 0 2005-10-07
Monkeys 2, Campers 0 Kasane 109 2005-09-30
CHOBE! Attack of the wild warthogs, monkeys, baboons, and mongoose!! Kasane 73 2005-09-23
Do I qualify as public transportation? Katima Mulilo 3 2005-09-21
Ngepi Camp locals, attempt #2 Divundu 39 2005-09-16
Ngepi Camp Locals Divundu 18 2005-09-11
Rundu to Divundu with ease and excitement Divundu 0 2005-09-05
a cola in Angola? Rundu 14 2005-08-31
Safari---Costly Car Rental, National Park Fees Tsumeb 5 2005-08-25
and from stage left, a scream....Elephants at Etosha!!! Tsumeb 5 2005-08-25
More Pictures from Etosha NP the hostel in Tsumeb Tsumeb 5 2005-08-25
World's Largest Dunes Windhoek 55 2005-08-19
Tsumeb to Safari !!!! Tsumeb 55 2005-08-19
Robben Island, off Cape Town, SA Cape Town 31 2005-08-13
The Huge Green Overland Truck to Namibia Cape Town 31 2005-08-13
Hitting the trail to Namibia Cape Town 31 2005-08-13
Around (on) the World in 80 Days Zurich Switzerland 0 2005-08-04
Picture titles wrong, but hey, we be havin fun in Cape Town! Cape Town 0 2005-08-04
Ashanti , Ashanti, Ashanti.... Cape Town 0 2005-07-26
Next Stop Zurich! Austin 0 2005-07-24
Chasing the Cool before we left Texas 9 2005-07-22

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