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08-05-26  Yangshuo
06-07-04  Vang Vieng
06-07-01  Chiang Khong
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American World Prospective
Hey everyone, I've created this journal mostly in the interest of my family (mother) because she complained too much when I didn't contact her more often during my first travel throughout Thailand and Loas... I will transfer some of my entries up here shortly, be patient I am extremely busy with school, work and partying. You're welcome mother dearest...
A little background about my-self first off I suppose. I'm a 19 year old college student @ the Univeristy of Colorado in the US. I have only been travelling once but I am young and have many plans. Asia mostly until I get cash to see more people in Europe, but right now thats just straight up out of the budget. If you know where I can score easy money or know of good budget places and stuff in any country let me know, cause Ima deffinately need it!!
Besides that, enjoy my stories and post your questions or comments in the guest book! If you have any suggestions or want to swap stories, jsut holla at me via e-mail or something.
Peace and Ease,

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