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13-06-29  Puerto Iguazu
11-07-23  Santander
11-06-22  Karmi
11-06-18  Girne
11-06-15  dushanbe
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Welcome to Chris Whitsel and Eric Espinoza's travel page!

A pattern is emerging. This summer,2013 Chris is back in Tajikistan from May-August 1. Eric and I will meet up in Buenos Aires in June. Then the big tranisiton to Kazakhstan for two years begiing in August.

For 2011 we're off again. Chris is back to Tajikistan in May through June. Then we'll meet up in Cyprus. Eric will head to Spain for the 2nd session of Master's study. Chris will travel to exotic northern Michigan in July.

For: 2010, more adventures in familliar places. Eric will be in Spain working hard on his degree at Salamanca University. Chris will be in Tajikistan for 2 months, attend a confernece in Istanbul in June and meet up wiht Eric for about 10 days in Spain.

For 2009, Chris was back in Russia for 12 days; for the first time in 13 years..

In 2008: the usual Spring travel plan: Chris is on his way to Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. It'll be great to connect with friends and see how things have changed.

In June 2007 we kidnapped our nephew Corban and flew to Mexico. We visited the Carribean coast as well as the Mayan Ruins of the Yucatan.

Spring 2007 Chris headed back to Tajikistan to travel to new areas he hasn't seen before.

Last summer (2006) Chris and Eric traveled to Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkey and somehow Chris got left in Tajikistan, but made the best of it. He did finally make it back in time for Christmas.....

In the meantime... enjoy the pictures and updates.. It is always great to read all your messages in the Guestbook and emails. We love hearing from you all, and we're glad to see you are enjoying our blog.

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