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Cheese and bread man

I will be starting new stories from this day forth. All my other stories were sent via e-mails so if you missed any of the madness, ask someone I know to forward it to you. However I left one of my e-mails incomplete; so here is the story behind the saying "cheese and bread."

The saying came from my bajan friend Ian who is also my neighbor. He said it to me when he saw me pouring almost a half of a bottle of Citrenella oil in my lotion. I laughed and he explained that cheese and bread is used when you see someone do something and it makes you shake your head cause you think it's stupid. It's like when we Americans in the states see someone do something or hear them say something and it makes us say to ourselves "are you kidding" or "I can't believer that just came out of your mouth."

so the next time you see someone do something embarrassing or say something dumb just respond with "Cheese and Bread" like a native bajan.

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