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05-08-19  Windhoek
05-08-13  Cape Town
05-08-04  Cape Town
05-07-26  Cape Town
Chasing the Cool

We have been working hard for several years on our bay property on the Texas Coast, remodeling the main house and our "bed and breakfast" down at the waterfront, as well as the dock and the old shrimp boat which is now a boat house/kayak launch/sunset party deck!

It is quite hot this summer as usual, but the wildlife is great and our friends are fun.

We have decided to use our frequent flyer miles to go back to Africa (third trip!)! Discovered we could stopover free and visit Stephan and Marriane in Switzerland.

We could be accused of chaising cool weather, since it will be cool in Zurich and cool during much or our trip to southern africa.

Spending this week getting shots and pills and supplies, and hanging out with friends at the marina!

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