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04-10-23  Corfu
Cant think of a title for this day... MORE SUN

Basically today I spent the whole day at my favorite spot... the beach. But thats not such a bad thing is it? Yet another 5 hours passed by lying down basking in the sun. It was terrible how exhausted I got from just lying down all day. But today we brought down books, cards, and music to entertain us. I also took a nice long cat nap, but still the sun is treating me right by giving me the perfect brown tan, no burn whatsoever.

That was all of my day, aside from doing a little shopping, eating with the girls and ordering the best damn Coke I have had in all of Europe. (The cokes taste like crap usually).

Once 8:30 came, (I woke up from another nap) and then it was time for the free dinner included with the Pink Palace. The meals here are totally succulent and filling. They have the best salads ever and you stuff yourself silly here. I met two new good friends April and Lucas. They just got out of high school and Lucas sold his car to come out here and travel. They are both extremely intelligent and totally outgoing. On top of that, they play billiards seriously, so a lot of our first conversations were about pool.

We ended up playing pool and my game was totally on, so they were having a hard time taking me down. But then this cocky Armenian dude came up thinking he is God at pool, but I ended up slaughtering him. The guy had no skill, just a good straight shot that he slammed the cue on every shot to try to intimidate me. The great thing about me playing, was that I felt that great feeling of accomplishment and fun that I miss so bad. So for sure, when I get back I am going to start playing pool on a regular basis. After having great conversation on topics such as sex and politics with the Colorado couple, I basically went to bed. Sorry for the boring entry, sun bathing consumed my day. But i know you are jealous.

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