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An almost terrible (but turned out terrifying) day trip

Man... this makes me mad. I wrote a whole journal entry and when I clicked submit it lost it.

Oh well, I will give you guys the short version. The thing about these journals, is it will remind me about all the little adventurous stuff I do, the thing is, is that pictures and a short description of what happened cant even begin to convey what I have been experiencing out here. But I know you guys like reading it, so I will try to keep going.

So.. I decided I wanted to take a day trip to Kutna Hora because I have had a lot of people tell me its cool. After some rude interactions with the unfriendly and unhelpful staff of the train stations, I was on my way. When I got there I had no information whatsoever and I was forced to suck info off the tourists that were there. I clinged onto some Ozzies with a Rough Guide and followed them to a huge gothic cathedral. I thought that this was the cathedral everyone raved about (this church made of real human bones). But come to find out it wasnt. At this point I separated from everyone because I grabbed some food. So I got directions from the guys who worked at the wrong church and was on my way to getting lost. I walked for about 30 mintues toward what looked to be that church. Come to find out I ended up in some really poor and crappy looking neighborhood where I asked a guy for directions. He led me up some backwooded trail to get to this

Well this curch I walked to was in a totally new city and it was the famous church I was looking for. So I headed back.

Luckily I bumped into some tourists I recognized from the train and we worked out that we would grab a cabbie.

So we walked into this bar to call one, but come to find out that this was a death metal bar. I was totally freaked out because these guys had some problems. There were mowhawks, skin heads and death metal punks all over the place. Me and my 40 year old scottish tourists friends cracked up after we left.

Somehow we found a cab and headed to this morbid and unique church called the Ossuary. Since I already wrote this... just check out the pictures to see what I experienced. Basically it was super freaky and also very amazing. I knew it would be something totally unique and it defintely made the trip worthwhile.

Well that was about it for my day, since I have written this twice, I need to go and actually continue my journey rather than uploading pics and being in an internet cafe. Take care guys.

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