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My first semi-uneventful day in a while

Last night there was some stuff that happened that i didnt write about that happened after the fact.

The first thing that happened was a great political discussion that I had while I talked on AIM with Susan. Palle, the flat owner, he actually was very passionate with political and world issues (which he should be) and I enjoyed our conversation a lot. He had a lot of good points about the war, muslims, religion, terrorism and much more. here are some ofthe highlights on his points.

-women should be the first to be pissed about oppression in the Middle East
-In war you make mistakes, nothing is perfect and there were quite a few mistakes made with the context of the war.
-Since there are no democracies in all of the middle east, Iraq could possibly set an example
-Should we wait for them to nuke us and do more killing
-Many people have died under hardcore muslims, yet the conservative muslims sit in silence (and that says a lot).

All in all it was a very great conversation and it was good to heasr a new opinion on some of these issues.

After that I went to bed, but was awoken at 6 am by a sound of splashing! Yep, my pot head room mate must of toked down too much dope and he puked on the floor a little and in the garbage can. He also got a little on the sleeve of my only sweatshirt and I told him to scrub it down and get it clean. he was cool and all, but these amercians were just here to smoke weed. The first thing they asked Palle when they came in was where to get weed. What losers. Anyway, I am not going to do a load of laundary just because of that. Its gross, but I can live with it... I am a dude.

When I woke back up at 10, I went walking with Katrina and Jem (my ozzy friend couple) We walked to a coffe shop and had some expensive coffe, got lost in some botanical gardens, wandered the town hall and took some photos of us with the famous touristy statue of the little mermaid. That took up most of the afternoon afterwhich I parted with them because I wanted to take aday trip to see this Viking museum I heard about in Rothkilde. The train took 30 minutes and I ended up having a good conversation with A Danish Girl and her husband. I even spoke some Danish too them. I love their language.... it is so unique. Yet people in Scandanavia speak perfect english.

I walked for about 40 minutes once I arrived in the new city to find the place. But, when I got there the museum was quite disappointing. I was expecting to find viking outfits, weapons and artifacts, but all I found was crap. No, really all this museum had that was worthwhile was some replicas of the viking ships which were hand built. Oh well, I wasted about 45 Crowns on it. But the city was a nice trip, so it was worth it.

Once I got back to Copenhagen I got totally lost. It was all because I ended up stopping by some book store. But the thing that scared me the most was that I didnt have th address of the obscure apartment in the city. This was the first time I actually felt very lost. It was cold outside and my stuff was there so I was paranoid that if I never found it I would be screwed. Luckily this map I had saved me and I didnt even get lost for that long. My mom (and her fear of getting lost) would so break down and cry if she was put in that situation. Oh well... all in a good experience.

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