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Interesting Ways of Life

The train ride was a little long and we were delayed for 2 hours because a train far up ahead actually hit a car! In the train I met a guy from Germany who was going up to Denmark for a week. I learned of his job and his family. We talked a lot about music and I told him we could do a trade over the mail someday. The first thing I said to him was a german line asking if he spoke English. It was cool.

Another guy I met was from Alaska, but the dude wasa punk skater traveling in Europe. He had bad B.O. and I swear the guy masturbated in his bed with four other people in the couchette. I was disgusted. People are really messed up.

Once I arrived in Copenhagen I hadnt yet booked accomodation (as usual). I met a guy renting out his flat as a hostel. He had room for 6 people in his flat. He was real nice and me and some other backpackers surrounded him asking him questions about his "hostel". We ended up checking it out and it was clean and good location for 20 Euros (150 Danish crowns). I like the smaller amount of people. You really get to know them. Once we all showered up it was off to wander the city. The weather was a bit chilly but it felt nice. It is amazing up here cause the sky is so blue without pollution. As we walked to hisplace, I wasasking him a few things about Denmark. For those of you who dont know, Denmark is a left wing country with about 50 percent of money going to taxes. But they really have a lot of great things. Free health insurance, free college, free community bikes, and they really take care fo the poor, old and young. They are a country for the people, not big business. It really makes sense to me. One amazing thing that I learned today was how their government set up an experimental city for hippies and bums (its known as Christiana). They give them an area to let them create their own laws, where they can do what they want and they have a place to stay. We walked down there (its very safe and kind of touristy) and we looked at all the weed paraphenelia and little things that they were selling at their market. All in all the city is beautiful. Lots of green architecture. Look at the pics and you might see a few. The people here are great and I am probably going to travel with some new ozzy friends, Jem and Katrina. They are married. We walked around to a park and a ton of other stuff. Most stuff was closed today, but we all enjoyed ourselves and covered a lot of ground. There was a lot of interesting street performers including a guy making music with crystal wine glasses, a group of indians making really good music and a bunch more. I am updating the photos again, cause I know you guys appreciate them. Hopefully my server doesnt crash. Anyway, I will be here for a few more days. Take care guys.

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