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04-09-19  Inverness
04-09-18  Inverness
04-09-17  Edinburgh
04-09-16  London
04-09-15  London
Day 4

So, this morning I checked out of my first hostel and I went directly to the train station at Kings Crossing and picked up a ticket for tomorrow to Edingurgh!!

My plan is to arrive and in the morning start this 3 day back packing tour in the highlands. This will certainly be a huge change of pace.

I really didnt do a whole lot today...I did have the most amazing fish and chips. I spent a lot of time visiting the national museum. Almost everyday I am in these museums and I get very tired from the sleeping pattern change I am in. So yesterday and the day before I took naps on the nice leather couches. A lot of people do it, so you dont have to worry. I was safe.

I was feeeling a bit lonely too this day. I think it was because I was out on the city with no accomodation and no one to hang out with. I still need to get my feet wet with these kinds of feelings. But almost like someone sent for me I met someone in the museum from NYC and I started to feel much better.

Come to find out they will be in france traveling for a month when I am!

Luckily I did find accomodation and obviously everything worked out and I didnt have to sleep on a bench.

Toward the end of the night I was walking up and down the river Thames seeing the beuaty of London at night. The tower of london was amazing at night.

Finally I went to the pub and had a great conversation with two new friends from Israel. They were probably the coolest people I have met so far in my travels. This morning I gave them some postcards from Michigan.

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