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04-07-10  Copan
The Journey Begins

Here we go. My trip started out with a 4:00 AM wake-up call to get ready to go to the airport. My flight left at 6:25 and according to new flight laws I had to be at the airport and hour early because I was going international. After gettting ready and getting to the airport I got on the plane and sat in my first class seat. Let me tell you that there is no better way to fly. Big comfrotable seats, they wait on you hand and foot. It definatly was a nice change from coach. After my flight landed in Houstan, I got off my plane and headed headed to my next gate. I only had an hour lay over so that wasnt to bad. Anyway got on my flight to Guatamala and left the US of A. Landing in Guatamala was a little crazy cause there was only on runway and it was on a pleatu of the valley area and pon each side of the runway was a cliff. Well got through customs and it took a while for me to get my luggage. As I left the airport my two long lost buddies Nick and Adam were sittine there waiting fro me. We imediatly got on a bus. Let me tell you that this bus was like a school bus but the seats were falling apart. Oh, and they never really stop. You sort of have to jump on and jump off. Anyway after about 6 hours of traveling we have to do about 4 more on some busses. We went trought Guatamala and did a couple of bus transfers. We are now in Hondouras. The bus driving was something crazy. The bus driver would take turns where he had to hold on the his seat and lean in order to turn the wheel. Adam and Nick said that this wasnt that bad of a bus ride at all. Interestingly as people get on they all try to sell you stuff. It is actually convienent for when you are on a while cause you can get some food and stuff if you are hungry. Also at some stops people come and sell you food and stuff through the window. They country side is pretty beautiful except for one thing. They just throw garbage everywhere here. Which kind of sucks, but what can you do. Once we got to the border of Guatamala and Honduras we had to get off the bus, pay some corssing fees and walk across the border. Once we walked across we found a shuttle to take us to Coppas Ruinas, which is were we are staying for two nights. They guy wanted to wait for more people so we would not have to pay as much. Adam was hungry as was I so we went to eat at this shack. Yes it was a shack. It was built out of aluminmum and wood, had some tabels in it and that was about it. They only offered one thing to eat. It was scrambled eggs with beans and torts. I Didnt get any but Adam did so I tired some. It was ok. Nick and I had some of the Hoduras Beer which I can not rember the name of now. Adam had to scarf his food cause a bunch of people had crossed the border and we had to get on the shuttle. After about another 20 minutes on the road we Finally got to Copan Ruinas. We got what nick and Adam said is one of the nicer places they have stayed in on this trip. I had three beds, hot water and electricity. Oh a wierd thing here is that they do not throm toilet paper in the toliet. You have to put it in a basket next to the toilet. After getting in our room we decided to get some money and go eat. We found a Restaurant which and called Gringofied. We ate there and the food was pretty good. After we got done eating we went into a couple stores the get some stuff. Nick has found these snacks called Penguinos. They are the Central American Version of Hostes choclate cakes. Each one comes with a toy. Nick has nine of the twenty. After dinner we went back to our room with the idea to turn in early, like 10. That didnt work to well. Knowing us we stayed up late and talked about all kinds of stuff to catch up. Lots of football of course. At one point we got into a discussion about traveling the speed of light and adam kept comming up with theories on how you could make it happen in a black hole and it was my job to tell him why it was not possible. Anywat after all our fun talks it was about 2:00 AM. We decided to go to bed because we had to wake up early to go the the Copan Ruins which are Myan ruins. Anyway within 24 hours I was in three . Thats all for now.

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