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Treehuggers Bash Party , Folding Bikes on NM Railrunner Santa Fe to Albuquerque and Return, Route 66

Treehuggers Bash Party , Folding Bikes on NM Railrunner Santa Fe to Albuquerque and Return, Route 66 Hostel, The Grove

We have attended the Wildearth Guardian Gala in Santa Fe several times and this year we decided to attend the Treehugger Bash in Albuquerque. We decided we were going to ride the Railrunner down there, taking our bikes to provide us transportation around town.

Went to exercise class with our stuff loaded on the back of our bikes and had an enjoyable workout. Rode our bicycles down to the Railyard and had a very enjoyable lunch at 317 Aztec. Went over in plenty of time to catch the train, and find a good seat on the train. There are seats that have a table between them with plug-ins and wifi on the train. The wifi is not perfect unfortunately but we were able to get signal most of the way.

Felt like I was a little kid taking pictures out the window as we rode along. The train does not just follow I-25; it heads out into some of the pueblos as it goes along. This makes it very interesting as this is not an area you see as a general rule as you head toward Albuquerque.

Got off at the main station in Albuquerque and rode our bikes to the Route 66 Hostel. It is located in an old mansion on Central that has quite a colorful history. Got some of the story from the older gentleman that works there. We got one of the private rooms that were upstairs with a private bath.

Checked on Google maps for the best way to get to The Grove Cafe and Market which is also located on Central. Took some of the side streets to avoid the rush of Central which is one of the main thoroughfares in that part of Albuquerque.

The Grove is a nice place with both indoor and outdoor seating and a nice selection of food--vegan, vegetarian and some meat. The fare that night was vegan and it was quite delicious. It is a more laid back event but just as enjoyable. There was an excellent band, Felix y los Gatos that played before the ceremonies and then afterwards.

There was a presentation on live traps and the part Wildearth Guardians is playing in trying to stop this. It was a very enjoyable evening. Did check out the silent auction items but since we are not from Albuquerque, we did not partake of any of the activities that happened around there. Took the bus back to the hostel, carried our bikes up to our room and declared this had been a great idea to come down for the event.

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