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Santa Cruz in'

Santa Cruz in'

For Robert's birthday we headed up to Santa Cruz to check it out. We had called ahead and found there was room at the hostel for us to stay but it would not be open until 4:00 p.m. so we found things to do to entertain ourselves.

We fortunately had the GPS to talk us through to get to the hostel to check it out first and then we followed signs down to the harbor to check out the scene. We walked out to the lighthouse and watched as the boats came in and out of the breakwater. Wandered back down to a outdoor cafe, had a shared meal of coconut shrimp, fries and a drink. There was a sailing school it appeared getting ready to go out and sail around. It was interesting watching them take off.

From there we went to Natural Bridge Park that is right on the edge of the town. There is a beautiful arch and it is quite a popular place for the locals. We saw a guy head down to the beach with his wind surfer to try out the wind which there was plenty of.

From there we followed the curving road back along the walking path around the headlands, quite beautiful. We stopped and watched the surfers for a while. The waves seemed to be breaking awful close to shore.

From there we checked into the hostel called Carmelita Cottages. The hostel was formerly the homes of a sea captain, a pianist and one other character.

We cleaned up and went out. We walked down to the Red House Restuarant and Bar. It was a very interesting walk but one you probably would not want to do after dark in the less developed parts because of the street people about. The area where the restuarant is the old Santa Cruz I would call it and is very nice and of course there are some trendy places and others that look like they have been around for some time. The Red House was a former hotel and lounge. We started in the lounge that was a throwback to previous times. We then went upstairs to the dining area and had a lovely meal while visitng with the bartender and the chef. The chef found out it was Robert's birthday and brought out three red velvet cake cupcakes with a new version of frosting that was so delicious. The upstairs is very nicely laid out, complete with fireplaces, sitting areas and nice tables.

The only downside to the evening was the hostel has a curfew of ll:30...no exsceptions and so we had to be back by then. We had started the evening a little later than we usually do so dinner was late and the only place with live music that could be recommended to us didn't start their music until 9:30 or 10:00......was too far to walk...........need a taxi back to the hostel and so on. We got back to the hostel around ll:10 and went to check out the kitchen area and visited briefly with a gentleman from Australia who had created his own musical instruments. He played us a bit and it was quite nice to listen to.

We turned in as we had had a full day and Nadxi had to get to the airport for a ll:30 flight from Oakland.

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