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12-06-04  Monterey
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Monterey marine life by day, Sweet HayaH and Concert for the Cure by night.

Early Morning Otter /Sea Lion Watching. REI in Marina, Street Scenes and Camping in Monterey

We got up early and had coffee and decided to see if there were any otters to be seen at the Coast Guard Wharf. It was chilly out but we were in luck and saw two maybe three sea otters. They are so cute to see but one of them was tearing apart a sea star and having quite a feast.

There were a lot of divers getting ready to go into the water near where we were standing. The sea lions were barking away and we had walked out closer to where the lions were. One came swimming up near us barked a few times and then clambered up and out of the water right near where we were standing. Such amazing animals and such expressive faces!

We went back to the room and said good-bye to Dan and Barbara who were making their way back home. It was so good to get to spend some time with them. We packed up and checked out of the hotel. Before we checked out we had gone up and checked out Veteran's Memorial park to see if there were any campsites because when we had been there the day before it looked "completely booked". We found a site that fit our requirements of being close to the restroom, level and somewhat of a view.

After checking out drove over to Seaside to get fuel for our stove
at REI. Of course there was one more thing we had to buy. It is a larger sizer jet boil which will make enough water for our non-jet boil coffee pot.

Later that afternoon we decided to got downtown to hear some music. We walked down from the campsite to the downtown area. It is a little over a mile to walk and we really enjoyed walking through the neighborhoods and seeing all the different types of vegetation and flowers growing everywhere. It is mostly downhill and a great way to get a little exercise1

We have been to Monterey numerous times on project with Monterey Institute that involved us at High School Teachers and our students, and had been to the Mucky Duck early on.

We wanted to hear some music on this trip so we walked to the Mucky Duck and saw the ad for 'Concert for the Cure' with the three acts.

Sweet Hayah was excellent ! Enjoyed their music and visited with some guys from Germany who were working in the United States. All in all it was a great day!

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