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The wind down


I am a bit late with the entry but figured travele blogs will be quite a bit sparse given my new working arrangements

But enough about my job, lets talk about me.

After three years and about 1,000,000 proclamations that I am going I finally made it to the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua and really glad that I did.

It was a really good trip. I went with my neighbors, a friend of theirs and a friend of mind that goes by the name of Denise.

It is an hour flight from Managua with a brief stop in Bluefields and then off to Big Corn Island. Both Islands have a real Caribbean feel and look to it with lots of Rastas, Reggae and amazing views.

We spent a day in Little Corn with a 40 minute kick in the arse boat ride to get there. I finally got a dive in that I would classify as a good dive. The coral was a bit flat but the fish were plentiful and brilliantly colored. There was one little bad ass fish that was more brilliant than the rest that I named Frankie. I also saw the ghosts of several pirates.

There was one restaurant and an amazing walk on Little Corn. On the way back, it was close to Sundowner time which is quite a ritual for Denise and so it was not be missed. So we ducked into a funky, simple and somewhat dodgy bar blasting reggae music and proceeded to get pissed. Saw a minor scrap, I trip whilst I was sober, fell flat on my face and a local woman asked Denise to dance that sent me in a jealous rage.

So this is probably my last travel blog as a rotator out of the Republic of Yemen. I am being transferred to Houston as a resident so that will limit my international travel but I will have quick access to Nicaragua which is great.

So although the blog is not shutting down I can’t imagine blogging daily life of a boring ass accountant in Houston.

So thanks to everyone that dropped by for a visit and thanks for all of your comments.

And oh yeah, Rosebud…

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