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11-07-15  Zhongdian Xian
11-07-14  Lijiang
11-07-13  Lijiang
11-07-12  Lijiang
11-07-10  yu long xue shan
Another day in Lijiang

We packed our bags and headed down the mountain at 12 to meet our driver at 1pm at the garden gateway. We walked down with big bags which were mostly full of dirty clothes for the laundrette. We had to wait a little while for our driver, so Sarah went to look at a market just round the corner in the village and I waited with the bags at the gateway so if our driver came I could see him. Whilst waiting one of the staff walked up as he was walking back up to the field station. I spoke a little to him using my phrase book, he had walked all the way from Lijiang, which is a few miles, so he must have got up extra early and walked for half a day to get there. We got our lift and were dropped off near old town. We managed to follow the hostels directions ok even though it was a long walk through many winding streets. The hostel was located at the very end of old town, so on the way we saw some of the less touristy places. The hostel was very nice it had a large sitting area with free wifi. It also had a fridge with cheap drinks and food as well as a good menu of hot food. The toilets and showers were very luxurious they were brand new and all tiled with stone. The showers were nice and hot and had two shower heads, one of which was a huge rain head. The sinks were also very posh. They were actually much better than some expensive hotels.

After we had left our bags we went out for something to eat so we went to N's kitchen as it was not far from the hostel. At N's kitchen we found Robbie and Elsa who were chatting with a western guy so we had our lunch and they had something to eat with us just after we had finished ours. I had another monster burger and Sarah had a very nice looking spicy tuna on bread. We stayed there for over three hours, for much of the time Sarah and Robbie looked up plants online for some project work. We left N's kitchen and Robbie went to get a book photo copied Whilst Sarah, Elsa and went to buy a bed sheet for their bed and we had a look around some shops. I managed to finally get some real bubble tea from a bubble tea shop, although it was not as good as in Taiwan. We then walked down to the shop where Robbie was getting his photocopies and on the way we passed a strange contraption in a hair salon. There was lots of wires hanging down puling on a girls hair whilst she was getting a perm done it almost looked like a scene from a science fiction film. We met Robbie and his book was going to take an hour so we went to look at a local book shop. It was very interesting to look in a Chinese book shop, there were many normal books, but also many communist books and books about Mao. There was even a very large one about Winston Churchill, although I'm not sure how accurate it would have been. I bought a few children’s hand writing books so that I could improve my written Chinese. There was also such cheap software, I found windows 7 ultimate for only £1. After looking in the book shop we went out for a meal at a Naxi restaurant. We had a really good hot pot with lots of different meats and vegetables heated by charcoal. After our meal Robbie and Elsa went back to their flat and Sarah and I walked back to our hostel. At the hostel I wrote a few emails and had a beer before going to bed.

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