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Dia de los Muertes procession / Coal Kills Action with Wild Earth Guardians

Dia de los Muertes procession / Coal Kills Action with Wild Earth Guardians

We volunteered to help WildEarth Guardians with their paticipation in the Santa Fe Dia de los Muertes procession, great fun.

No so much fun is the fact that and extra 33 deaths per year in New Mexico can be attributed to the burning of dirty coal. PNM needs to clean up their plant!

Here is a description from WildEarth Guardians' Facebook page

"WildEarth Guardians joins in the Dia de los Muertos festivities in Santa Fe. The theme this year was Air, Water, Energy, and Food. What an opportunity to call attention to the horrors of fossil fuels and the potential for clean energy. And what better example of this than PNM's San Juan Generating Station, a coal burning power plant in northwestern New Mexico that every year is linked to 33 deaths. That's scary"

Since the Dia de los Muertos is a celebrating death and rebirth, it was a nice way to have Wild Earth Guardians celebrating the death of coal and the rebirth of clean energy, solar.

We passed out solar panel sandwich boards and hats and some dinosaur hats/masks to represent coal. Everyone was in a very festive mood. One woman that had been trying to find the Museum where the march was going to end up decided to join us in the celebration donning a solar panel and getting her face painted.

We left after the march started and headed over to a showing of "The Lobo returns," a one woman's documentary about wolves. It was a very good showing and really did get across her passion for wolves and keeping things wild. She made the comment at the beginning of the presentation that if it gets to "just poodles and geraniums" she may as well go extinct because there will be nothing wild left."

From there we a little night life, something we have not done in Santa Fe for some time; Dragon Room and then Evangelos.

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