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11-07-29  Skukuza
11-07-28  Skukuza
11-07-27  Skukuza
11-07-26  Skukuza
11-07-25  Skukuza
You can't rollerskate in a rhino herd either!

Up for our early morning game drive, this time we were 4th in line! What are we doing better? or are new people sleeping in?
Drove to one of the waterholes and saw a hammerkop gathering nesting material and two rhino and then saw a group of elephants in "knee socks" indicating they had been in the river. We also saw a place that was an experimental enclosure--part closed off to elephant and giraffe and part closed off to all from hare on up. Glad to see different kinds of research going on about the effects of different things on habitat and so on. We also got to see our first jackal in Kruger on this trip.

We also saw a lone buffalo, brown headed parrot, hooded vulture and white faced vulture. On the way back on the S116 we saw a group of rhino

six, no seven, no eight, no nine! This was amazing! In the part of Kruger we have traveled we have seen almost more rhino than lion! These are all white rhino which are not as endangered as the black but it is still amazing to see so many.
Our evening game drive was mainly baboons

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