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11-07-13  Lijiang
11-07-12  Lijiang
11-07-10  yu long xue shan
11-07-09  Lijiang
11-07-08  Lijiang
camping at 4000m

We packed our bags with all the things we needed and realised that our bags were full and very heavy, but luckily Robbie offered to carry our heaviest items. We climbed up past the yak meadow and to the very base of the ridge at 4000m. We spent a little time looking around for the best position to pitch our tent as we wanted a sheltered spot which was as flat as possible without being in an area which floods. We set up our tent as soon as we had found a good spot and headed up to the top of the ridge at 4200m to get our projects done. I looked at an Abies tree which was probably over 100 years old, but only about 5m tall because it was in such an exposed site at one of its highest limits. At the top of the ridge I helped Sarah with her project into flower size vs leaf size vs altitude. She had made a random walk on excel so I had to tell her the heading to walk in using my GPS as our compass was too small to read the headings. After an hour Robbie came up and met us after he and Elsa had dropped of our heavy things in the tent. We continued for about an other hour until we had taken 30 readings for Sarah's project and then we headed down. Robbie showed us a really fun fast way down. The slope was between 45 and 55% and so was very hard to climb down safely so the best way down was to jump down the scree slope. With a sort of skip / jump we could get down in 10 minutes when it normally takes over 40 minutes to climb up. The scree slope was of mostly soft gravel so you could jump as far down as you liked and the gravel would fall down at the same speed as you and so making it possible to jump very far without feeling it. Even when rocks fall against you they are travelling at the same speed and so do not hurt. You only have to watch out for solid rocks which may not move when you jump on them. After we got Down Robbie and Elsa went back home. Robbie pointed out a good area of fire wood so we collected lots for our fire. The place we collected it from was an old shed which had fallen down, but had a good wood pile next to it. The fire took a little longer than normal to get hot, maybe because of the altitude, but I wasn't sure. We made noodles using Robbie amazing jetboil, which is the best compact camping stove I have ever used. It is so efficient that it wastes virtually no heat and the water can boil in three minutes, although at 4000m it was even faster. We stayed by the fire for a while and then stacked it well up so that it would still be burning by the morning.

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