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11-07-12  Lijiang
11-07-10  yu long xue shan
11-07-09  Lijiang
11-07-08  Lijiang
11-07-07  yulong xue shan
quiet day at the field station

We had another long lie in again as we stayed up too late the night before. After breakfast we spent two and a half hours weeding in the greenhouse we went up for lunch with the staff who had just arrived from Lijinag. Lunch was as wonderful as usual with many different dishes. After lunch we tried to get camping stuff, but the store was locked and the key was not around, so Robbie kindly let us borrow his camping things. We tried out the tent, which was a very good three man tent which was small enough to carry easily, but big enough for us with our bags. After our dinner we stayed up late with Robbie and Elsa playing card games and then we played taboo on the Ipad, which was great fun. We also shared the bottle of Whiskey that we had brought with us from Edinburgh as it was Sarah's birthday.

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