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11-07-15  Malelane
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"Predators, Carniovores, Things With Big Teeth That Bite" Dream Safari !

"Predators, Carniovores, Things With Big Teeth That Bite" -- our great sightings in first hours of our Kruger Safari

One one game drive in South Luangwa some other travelers had commented that they were not much into birds after some others of us had asked the guide to stop for several. They said they were there for the 'Predators, Carniovores, Things With Big Teeth That Bite'. For the most part our afternoon drive from Malelane Gate to Pretoriuskop Camp the day we arrived in Kruger was the beginning of just that!

After getting ourselves checked in we got out the spotting scope, binoculars, and cameras and set off. Jakkalbessie as the driver and safari guide, and Jock of the Bushveld as safari photographer were on their way! When in the park the speed limit is 50kph on tar roads, 40kph on the dirt roads so you can see wild game as you drive along. Of course, some of the animals lion, leopard, cheetah and the like are hard to see if they are lying in the grass and not right on the road.

We had not been driving very long when we came to the Mlambane Bridge. The setting was quite beautiful--reeds swaying in the breeze, nice boulders in the river and trees on either side. There were some kudu standing on the side of the hillside and we could hear them making a "barking" sound alerting to something. We turned off the engine and sat there to see what was going on. Another car had been on the bridge drove off and then turned around and come back looking.........Robert heard them say, "leopard" and we started looking more carefully and Robert spotted it coming down the other side of the hill through the boulders heading toward the kudu.

Wow.......first stop and what a carniovore sighting! We sat and watched until the leopard went out of sight and the kudus went back to feeding.
Drove on further and there were two rhinos in the bush. They never got close enough to give us a clear view but we were able to enjoy them from the road. From there we drove on. The drive to Pretoriuskop is hilly and so there are some nice views out across the hills. We came up on a group of 30+ elephants moving across the hillside---mothers, sub adults and small babies eating as they moved along.

Got to Pretoriuskop, checked in, found a campsite, fixed dinner, were tired so read in bed for awhile and off to bed. Hoping that tomorrow morning would be more of the same on the sightings!

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