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11-07-09  Lijiang
11-07-08  Lijiang
11-07-07  yulong xue shan
11-07-05  Lijiang
11-07-04  Lijiang
back to field station

We got up at 7:45am so that we could get everything ready by 9am when we were going to meet our driver. I quickly went to the chemist as I needed medicine for an upset stomach that I had had for four days. We then met our driver and we went to a further away market so that we could have more choice in the ingredients that we were buying and also so that we could buy meat at the field station now has a fridge. We bought all the vegetables, meat and eggs that we needed and then drove back to the institute to pick up some more staff who were going up to the field station. On the way the car had to squeeze through some impossibly small gas in the traffic, but our driver was very good and managed to make it though without touching any sides. The other staff went to the closer market so we went with them and had a little look around before driving to the gateway of the Lijinag alpine botanic garden. The climb up to the field station this time was much easier as we had more time to acclimatise to the altitude and we had done a lot of walking since. We also took a few more breaks as we tried to identify the plants as we climbed. Once at the top we had lunch and then spent the afternoon doing research online for our projects. Later on that evening we went to find the keys, or any staff so that we could cook dinner, but they were missing, so we had to climb in the back window of the kitchen to make dinner. But luckily on the way back from dinner we found some staff who had accidentally left the key in their pocket and had gone off to weed one of the higher up greenhouses, so we had not found them earlier. We spent the evening doing a little more research and then we relaxed before going to bed.

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