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11-07-08  Lijiang
11-07-07  yulong xue shan
11-07-05  Lijiang
11-07-04  Lijiang
11-07-03  Lijiang
Independence day and chicken heads

We woke up quiet late as we had a late night the night before and headed out for a brunch.
We went to the Nordic bakery where we had an amazing large western brunch. I had a 'Viking breakfast' which was three rashers of bacon, three eggs, a bun, butter and fried vegetables. I also had a milkshake to drink with it and afterwards I had an amazing Oreo cheesecake. Sarah had a BLT, a coffee and an apple cake. We sat there for a couple of hours slowly eating and reading about the local area as they had some travel guides in the café. We also chatted with a retired American man who was living in Lijiang. After our long brunch we walked to the local super market where we bought lots of food for the field station. I even managed to find my favourite bubble tea. So I bought enough so I could eat one a day. We then dropped our things off at the hotel and relaxed a little until it was time to meet Robbie and Elsa again and head out to a hot pot to celebrate the 4th of July. The hot pot was very nice and we met lots of other westerners and some Chinese. It was a very fun night, but the chicken feet and chicken heads out some people a little off their food. I ate a little bit of chicken feet, although I wasn't sure how to eat the heads. After our meal we all walked back home chatting on the way. It was interesting to see Lijinag at night. Most people went to the Irish bar, but we walked back to our hotel for an earlier night.

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