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11-07-07  yulong xue shan
11-07-05  Lijiang
11-07-04  Lijiang
11-07-03  Lijiang
11-07-02  Lijiang
Back down to Lijiang

We decided to head down to Lijiang as Shu Kun had said it was not good to stay too long at high altitude and we needed a rest and some new supplies. So we left the field station at 10am with Shu Kun and walked from the field station down to the Botanic garden gateway. We took the horse route down which was a little more gentle than the steps, although the terrain was much rougher and harder to walk down. We past quiet a few tourists riding on ponies up the track, Some of the tourists were very big compared with the ponies and I could see some of the ponies struggling. The old ladies which led the horses were very inspiring, some were very old, but they manage to walk up the mountain everyday. We continued past the garden's gateway and past where all the ponies are kept. We walked past many retreat places where people could stay and relax in a secluded garden or courtyard. At one of them we waited for our lift, but it was such good timing we only waited about one minute. We got our lift to the area of lijiang where we stayed before, but the good hotels were fully booked, so we had to settled for a slightly less well kept one. We unpacked our things and headed out to the laundrette to clean our clothes. The laundrette was very unusual compared with western ones. It was just one small room which was where a family of four lived with a kitchen one single bed a washing machine and the ceiling was full of hanging washing which was being dried. We then shared a quick lunch of 20 small dumplings which only cost us 80p between us. We then headed out to old town where we looked in several outdoor shops for a new bag for Sarah. We then went to a local coffee Shop, which was pretty expensive, so I just had a very cheap beer. Whilst sitting there I had a few people taking my photo as I sat there. We then went back to the Hotel to write up my travel blog whilst Sarah looked for a shop which might fix her bag. We then met up with Robbie and Elsa for dinner. We walked with them down to old town and me and Sarah had a huge western home made burger each. It was nice to eat western food for a change even though the Chinese food tastes so good. We then headed out for some Ice-cream, whilst we ate our icecream we walked around a large indoor clothes market. It had a very strange feel to it as it was full of families and had lots of children running around. Each small shop was normally run by a family and above the building was flats where they lived. Some of the T-shirts were very funny as they had such badly written English on many of them. We had fun finding more and more ridiculous phrases. We then headed back into old town and went to a small very hidden Irish bar which had a real village feel to it as everyone knew each other. We had some beer and tried different cocktails as well as some of their home made food. There was a very good cookies and ice-cream as well as some Tuna dip. We spent several hour there chatting with the bar tenders and other westerners.

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