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Leopard in Tree ! Flatdogs Morning Drive with Jarbes, Pt 2 (Selina's Leopard )

Selina's Leopard

Leopard in a tree........................
After the exciting beginning of the safari with the lions heading toward Flatdogs, we continued on in the park. One of the nice things about the park is the varied topography as you travel along. We did ge
We got to see Flatdogs across the river as we went through the area we observe from across the river every morning. We were driving along having seen several types of birds, some zebra, giraffe and even a giraffe skull.
ALL of a sudden..........................
Selina is looking up toward the trees while Jabes is looking in the ravines, when she exclaims, "There is a leopard!" There she was, a beautiful leopard, up in a tree. Jabes explained this particular leopard likes to use the ravines to hide her as she hunts the impala and puku in the area.
You could hear the impala and puku occassionally make a snort as though they were able to sense leopard in the area. Jabes positioned the safari vehicle in one direction for a period of time and then moved it to a place for a closer view.
What a beautiful leopard it was. She was trying to rest but couldn't quite get comfortable. She had one leg that she couldn't quite reach the limb to rest on and as she would doze, she would jerk that foot. She moved her head around, sometimes looking as she was checking out the impala and puku in the area and then rest again.

We got to watch her for about 30 minutes and it was another one of those special moments because there were no other safari vehicles around so it was just us enjoying here.

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