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Off Road Morning Game Drive with Flatdogs Safari Guide JayJay

Off Road Game Drive with JayJay

To take advantage of the park entry, it is best to either go on a morning game drive and then a night drive or night drive and then an early morning game drive the next day. The park entry is good for 24 hours so.........we took advantage and went the morning after our night drive.

There was another couple with us in the vehicle from England. They are an all inclusive visit to Flatdogs and have been out several times with JJ and said he is a magician. (John also claims to wear his magic pants for luck as well but did not have them on that morning).

Even before we left Flatdogs, the safari had begun. We were still having our "lite" breakfast when I looked up and saw an elephant come past the window of the TV room. Three elephants were making their stroll through. As we drove out in the game management area, there was a group of ground hornbills marching along sounding off as they went..

The ride was nice. JJ likes to go on very small and unused trails throughout the park. We came across a huge herd of buffalo watching us intently. Didn't plan to rollerskate through them.

At one of the lagoons we passed, we got to see some crowned crane and African spoonbills. That is always a real treat for us since the crowned cranes are so beautiful. The white crowned plover was also in the lagoon.

We saw the brown snake eagle as we were driving along. John likes "animals with big teeth" so he wasn't as much interested as we were. Susan enjoys all the wildlife but this became our joke in the following days.

We sat and watched 8 giraffe for quite some time. One of them was definately one of the older giraffes as evidenced by his darker color. According to JJ this is one of the characteristics of the Thornicraft giraffe, as they get older their color turns darker. They seemed as curious about us as we were enjoying them.

As we drove along we saw zebra, waterbuck, bushbuck, puka and impala in groups around in various area.

The first part of the early morning game drive is our favorite times of the drive, dawn breaking and everything is just beginning to move. As the ride commences, things begin to heat up and it is luck and knowledge of the guides that finds things while out there.

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