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Friday Night Pre Season Party at Flatdogs and daily life at the camp

Friday Night Pre Season Party at Flatdogs

We got to enjoy the experience of Friday night at Flatdogs when workers from various camps come for dinner and a fun evening at the bar. We were immediately befriended by girl from Australia who is beginning her first season as a guide in a bush camp for one of the other camps. She told of some of her adventures; being charged by an elephant as she was learning how to drive the safari vehicle around to take guests for trips. Stories are varied as to why and how people decided to come out and work at one of the various camps in the valley but they do have a great spirit of comraderie amongst themselves.

Flatdogs is a favorite for many of the other camps because of the delicious and varied menu they have to offer. We even joined in with a plate of nachos as we visited with them. Bush life sounds like it would be a real experience--out in the bush for a month at least and then you come back for a day or so and then back out again.

Daily life at Flatdogs
Elephants most every other day passing through, fixing as varied a menu as we can dream up, laundry, taking time to enjoy the wildlife as we go along, taking our daily hike around the perimeter seeing giraffe and other wildlife along the way and visiting with other guests.

Attack of the hungry monkeys.............Some days are more exciting than others as we found out one day at lunch. We have fixed guacamole sandwiches with tuna and apples as a side. The monkeys had been hanging around the kitchen area playing hide and seek behind the refrigerator and hanging on the screen watching me. This should have been warning enough....but after fixed the food, just left the peels etc. on the cutting board and went and ate lunch. All of a sudden realized there were monkeys inside the kitchen area. I banged on the side of the door, and the smallest of the two inside was able to squeeze out the same hole he came in. The other one freaked and began screaming and trying to get out, any way he could. I was inside and he looked terrified and I was afraid he might jump on my head when "momma" shows up on the outside in attack posture growling at me. I opened the door to the outside and banged on the wall away from her and finally out he scampered. Another reminder--don't leave evidence of food out where can be seen. We also did our best to plug hole where they could possibly get back in.

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