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Fall Colors in A South African Garden

Fall Colors in A South African Garden

Landed in South Africa without a hitch, got our luggage, changed money and Mark and Margie were there to pick us up. Got everything loaded in the car and took off for their house. Are having to get used to the fact it is winter here and so evening comes quite early so the drive to their house was in the dark.

Arrived without problems and were shown our room which has a verandah overlooking the property. Looking forward to seeing what it looks like in the morning. Nice dinner and conversation then off to bed because we had lost some time in transit to say nothing of the 3 1/2 hour flight to Dulles-Washington, short layover, 8 hours to Dakar, l hour layover, 8 hour flight to South Africa.

The next morning we were awakened by bird calls from Africa including a beautiful male barbet that was around most of the days we were there. At least one window in the room is left open during the night so the night sounds are around you as you sleep.

The interior courtyard of their house is alive with colors. The trailing vine is turning red and there is a riot of different colors throughout. It seems every time I would look in another one of the gardens, there would be some fanciful statue or metal sculpture.

MArgie has planted some lettuce, spinach and tomatoes along with some other vegetables that are doing quite well. We helped with their installation of the sprinkler system for the garden along with some great conversations, and delicious food.

One evening Margie shared her photos of her traipse across Spain (600 km). There were some beautiful pictures and the story was quite something else.

Our time spent with them was quite wonderful getting to see them finally after not being able to get it together when we visited Africa in 2009.

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