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Daylight Comes to Dakar

Daylight Comes to Dakar

South African Airways stops in Dakar on way from Washington Dulles, but we are not allowed off the plane. Interesting to see that Dakar is located on a tiny peninsula...

While we waited for the plane to be refueled and a new crew come on board, we visiited with some of the other passengers on the plane. It is always interesting to hear where people are going and what their plans are.

Dakar looks like many of the African ciites we have seen along on our travels; three to four story buildings interspersed with single family houses.

When we got ready to take off the pilot taxied down the runway for quite some time. He mentioned the fences along the runway to keep the birds from getting on the runway and flying up and geting in one of the engines of the plane. He also said right before we revved up and took off, that the runway was bumpy and the takeoff could feel like a horse ride! It was bumpy but did not raise my level of concern; I had already dealt with the bumpy landing at Dulles. We were now on our way to O.R. Tambo airport in South Africa.

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