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Pacific Sunrise, Parrots and Pizote , life at Luna Llena

Parrots and Pizote , Luna Llena Wildlife parade continues to impress and creates a sense of anticipation as to what we will see next.

When we first decided to come to Luna Llena, it was because of a post Robert had read from a woman that said she saw more wildlife there than the rest of Costa Rica. We have not been disappointed either trip.

Of course not only the wildlife, the birds but the setting and gardens are just incredible. Any direction you look, you can see from 10-20 different species of plants in profusion around. This of course attracts the wildlife who come to feed on the fruit, nectar and leaves of the plants.

Luna Llena faces east and so every morning from the second floor balcony you can watch as the sun begins to rise and then suddenly it is a full blown sunrise.

The kitchen / eating / sitting area on the mid level is perfect to just sit and journal or visit with others, eat and enjoy the flora and fauna of the place!

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