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11-02-02  Montezuma
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11-01-31  Montezuma
11-01-30  Montezuma
11-01-29  Paquera
Sunrise over Montezuma

Montezuma, Costa Rica

When we made our reservations for Luna Llena they did not have room ) for the first three days we would be there. We took room 5 not being sure which one it was. It turned out to be the perfect one! It is down from the kitchen area, has a table and chairs out front and a view out to the ocean. It is also in the shade most of the day so is a great room. Unfortunately, it is not available for us to change our room to 5 for the whole time!

When we first arrived and unloaded our bags, cleaned up and walked into town. Decided to eat at Restuarant Montezuma right at end of road with great view of ocean and nice breeze. Both had casado tipico with ginger ale. The bill was still $20!

Went to the grocery store and got our stuff for dinner, breakfast and on! We walked back to Luna Llena and decided to have a beer and cool off. We visited with Keisha and Gordan from New York. He is a drummer and has studied in Zimbabwe and knows the band we have heard in Santa Fe! Small world! Keisha is a dancer and her company has traveled to some Latin American countries as goodwill ambassadors. Was an interesting visit.

Dinner was pasta with salchicon, onion garlic, carrot, red bell pepper in sauce with salad and wine. There were three of us cooking in the kitchen at the same time and it was warm but interesting. One of the people cooking was a guy from Italy with his girlfriend acting as his sou((sp) chef. He was very dramatic in his instructions. I don´t think he approved of the way I cooked our pasta but I didn´t offer him any!

We sat over in chairs at the side of the property to see if we could see any of the small animals but none appeared.

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