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One More Paradise

I could get into the positives and negatives of the beach bum life in Goa, but why split hairs in paradise? The stunning fact is this: Radek actually admitted that he would consider coming back. Let me tell you, after all the grief I got about "dragging him" to India, this is a pretty startling admission. Of course, it's also the only logical assessment.

Goa, and Palolem in particular because each beach town has its own personality, is a tropical paradise. There is a room, coco-hut or beach shack for literally every budget. Our three person en suite is 500 rupee a night (about 12 USD) and right on the beach. Luxury it is not. But it works for us.

The beach is a beautiful white crescent lined with the thickest palm groves I've ever seen. Tons of casual restaurants line the beach and sell fresh fish for dinner at single digit prices.

So in summary, we're in paradise, eating well and saving money. I know, we're jerks.

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