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10-09-27  Rome
10-09-23  Rome
Rome final thoughts .....

We were only there for a day & a half & it was Impossible to find a place to stay. Now I don't know why but it was.  We spent a lot of time just walking the streets just trying to fine a place to rest our heads . Even know we didn't get to party or see all of Rome ( it's huge!) it was still a fun & great experience.

Food - well for the few meals we ate it was ok , I'm sure if you felt like paying more you would get better food , but nothing really wowed me.  McDonalds had a mozzarella burger with some kind of great sauce , & decent bread.

People- no one really smiled. Everyone seemed to be i'n a hurry & a bit pushy. Most people wouldn't even talk to you unless they thought they were going to get some money from you.  The girls as mike would say had a pair shape to them but I thought most of them were sexy.

Final-love the culture , a beautiful city ( a little dirty i'n some parts) architecture was nice also. Rich in art & history

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