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Havent been to Mt. Rainer in a long time. Last time I was there, my family and I hiked to Camp Muir which is 10,188ft....long trip. Took like 4 hours there and 2 and a half hours down. Have pictures but have to get them from my dad.

Since it was Labor Day yesterday and Ssrah and WIlliam (brother and sister) were out of school, my dad thought it would be cool to hike around. Walked about 8 miles which is 12 or so km. Didnt want to confuse my international friends. Anyways it was cold and wet. You lose 3 degrees everytime you go up a thousnad feet (which is 304.8 meters). I forget how far up we were but we walked in 40 degrees weather (4 DEGREES celsius) while on the mountain. There are two areas you can go to. One is Sunrise and then there is Paradise where reflection lake is (really pretty during the spring/summer time). We were at Sunrise. not many peope there which was nice because it is better that way. Much quieter. There would be a ledge you can go to while on the trail and look over. You couldnt see that much though because of the clouds. Also if you got too close you would get this cold breeze thrown at you. I almost wore a t-shirt with a sweatshirt but luckily I didnt otherwise I would freeze. It took us about 50 mins or so to reach one of the points and then another 20 mins or so to the other one. My brother and sister decided not to go back on the trail to the car but the other way around. Papa I chose that way. It was fun. Later got home and rest. My poor legs were pain. But I am glad I got the exercise. Wish i had pictures but my camera was stolen in Turkey and my sister forgot hers. Another time though.

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