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We arrived in Uganda after taking a bus from Kenya. We were so excited and ready for the crusades! A new type of ministry for all of us. Thank you all so much for all the prayers that you have been praying and for everything you have poured into all of us.

We spent our first night at Evangelist Drake's house. He has done crusades all over the world and he now teaches in schools about how to do evangelism.

The next morning we left and headed to the Bussi Island's which is on Lake Victoria! No electricity, bucket showers, and hand washing are what we had to look forward to. WE arrived on the island and were greeted by a huge group of kids who helped us carry all of our luggage while holding on to our hands. They were so excited to see us!

Our first crusade went so well! God has poured into us and through us so much! We saw 7 people come to the Lord our first night! And so many more after that.
We were crusading from about 9 in the morning where we did a conference with the church and did teaching and a testimony, until about 8:30 p.m. where we would come home from our crusade which consisted of preaching, testimony, music and more preaching!

We learned a Lugandan song Kabaka waba Kabaka (King of Kings) and the islanders loved it when us moosoongoos (white people :) ) would try to sing in their language.

We all have grown so much! We all got turns to teach,preach and share our testimonies.

On our last day in Uganda we were back in Kampala and we got to go to a traditional Ugandan introduction (wedding).

The people on Bussi Islands are often forgotten, even the people in Kampala who are a mere 45 minute boat ride away seldom go to this island. So we had an opportunity to go in and tell them God does not forget anyone! The main theme of all of our messages was about how MUCH God loves you! It was all about breaking the orphan spirit and coming into sonship with Christ! Peoples hearts were so touched.

This orphangage (Osannide) started off as a house of prayer and now has so many children there, and they do crusades! These wonderful people are so hungry for Jesus! So please continue to pray that He reaches them first!

To learn more check out their website

Thank you!
God bless, you guys all share in this with us, without you it wouldn't be possible!

I bless you all with the satifaction of knowing God's hand on your heart and His satisfaction!

Now on to Tanzania, we catch a bus tonight at nine! A new adventure and we're so ready to go!

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