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HOT Dubai

I am writing this post visiting Dubai. For some reason I was unable to get access to this Journal.

After a long trip on the plane (14 hrs) we arrived in a very hot Dubai and booked into the Golden Sands 3 Motel. Dubai is an interesting place. To me it was very materialistic. Plenty of money (to burn as it appears). However, in saying that, it is very clean and seems quite well planned. The roads are fantastic. We took a 'Red Bus' tour which lasted 6 hours. It covered almost every area of scenic value. The airport was something to experience. There seems to be vast amounts of empty space especially when you enter the departure area before immigration. To me it appears they have something to prove in building massive size structures. Once through the immigration you then enter the duty free shops. Well, people everywhere as well as shops. This area was quite different to the entrance we experienced earlier on.

From here we flew to London.

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