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14-03-13  Colombo
10-03-01  Bangkok
10-02-28  Bangkok
10-02-27  Bangkok
We attend a ceremony and see a princess

Went to Dursit Park Palace even though we were pretty sure it was closed, which it was so went to Dursit Zoo instead. Animals not well treated too cramped. Nice place of kids though. In afternoon went to Wat and was befriended by a woman who was studying English and wanted some work corrected. Turns out her daughter was studying in Australia and met an Australian and had settled there. The woman was going out to stay with her daughter.

She retuned the favour by telling us that an important princess was coming to the Wat at about 3pm. She found us places where we could sit on the grass and I muddied my trousers. We waited a long time an this woman kept talking to us and teling us all about the Royal family. Seems this princes was previously married to one of the king’s sons but he had divorced her but she was the nice of the queen. When she arrived she was quite a full lady but looked like she had a nice character. There was a whole lot of pomp and ceremony and a huge amount of security. We were videoed a lot, infact there were video cameras everywhere. I videoed back, I don’t think I was supposed to, particularly of the princess herself, but I think I got away with it.

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