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10-02-19  Khao Lak
10-02-18  Khao Lak
10-02-16  Bangkok
10-02-15  Bangkok
10-02-14  Siem Reap
Stop over at Bkk

Another 1 night stopover in Bangkok before heading south on the 7.30pm train. We made plenty of fellow passengers smile as they walked pass and watched us drinking our red wine out of proper wine glasses we bought and eating pimento stuffed olives. I have to admit to being rather tiddly and strangley enough slept soundly until 6.30. We arrived in Surat Thani at 7.30 and got a minibus for 250baht for the 2 hour journey to Khao Sok. Alix was keen to go trekking in the jungle but having done it last time in Malaysia I decided to head to the beach at Khao Lak and meet up with her in 2 days.

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