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10-02-15  Bangkok
10-02-14  Siem Reap
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10-02-11  Bangkok
10-02-08  Koh Tao
Bangkok again before Cambodia

The journey from Koh Tao to Bangkok was pretty easy. The ferry journey took slightly longer and we had a little bit of waiting round to do at Surat Thani railway station but we had a laugh along the way.

We saw the funniest of men at the station carrying his life around on his back, see the photo for what I mean. He was one crazy nutcase and got really offended when Alix took a photo of him from behind. He accused us of following him and asked if we had been sent by the US to look for him. He then went on to tell us that military officials had poisoned his mother in her home by gas inhalation. Fruitcake me thinks!!!!!

Some locals also offered me some whiskey as we were stood on the railway platform to be friendly and were highly amused when I accepted. Hey I was just being social.......

On arriving in Bangkok railway station at just gone 6am we went straight to the hotel and dumped our bags. Our room wasn’t ready until 10 so we got on a water taxi and went to the flower market whilst it was still cool. 13 Baht (25p) for a 10 minute journey, not bad.

I still think that the flower market is one of my favourite places in Bangkok. All of the colours and smells and oh so cheap. So cheap, in fact that we both bought 2 huge bunches of orchids for the room for 30p a bunch. After checking in Alix then did some rooftop tanning around the pool and I went off for a walk and window shopping. Well ok I did buy a new SD card for my camera and a memory stick so that if my camera or SD card break/get stolen like last time then I have copies.

We were both pretty tired so ate locally and had an early night Alix is still not drinking and is mostly eating fruit and veg............BORING!

Our second day in Bangkok we went to see the reclining Buddah at Wat Po. Alix also had hours massage and I had 50 minutes of reflexology at the Thai school of massage. Ah bliss. They say you can tell what ailments you have from reflexology and immediately after my time was up she told me to sit on a stool and gave me 5 minutes of neck and shoulder massage..........or is that every backpacker she does that for??

That evening we went to meet some friends of Alix’s at their hotel. What should have taken us 20 minutes in the taxi took well over an hour due to the bad traffic and an English/Thai language barrier. However it was good to be social and even Alix had a beer. We have arranged to meet up with them again in Phuket for a few days which should make for some hard partying as Alix will be able to drink again by then! Alix’s mate Zoe is out here with 6 men all of whom have not been to Thailand before. A few drinks and it was home for us (me)as we have an early start in the morning and off to Cambodia.

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