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Rokan Hilir, Riau; Full Adventure Exotic Tour

Rokan Hilir. An exotic names, such as the exotic potential of natural and cultural tourism. In the new district line was inaugurated on October 4, 1999 is not only a unique city. Siapiapi chart known as the second largest fish producer in the world (after Norway), but it also stores the objects of nature tourism is still 'virgin' and probably second to none.

Siapiapi chart, the capital of Rokan Hilir, is an old city that really exotic, with a majority population of Sino has unique cultural traditions go crate ritual wax seal (fuel barges), you chue ceremony, dance and barongsai liong, Lunar New Year celebrations with a sprinkling of millions Unique paper lanterns, tan girls ki a trance on the streets before the ritual go wax seal, and artistic temples that stood majestically on some street corner.

Exhibit Siapiapi into town, especially around the celebration of Lunar New Year, it would feel like being in the suburbs of Shanghai with millions of paper lanterns hang from every terrace houses, shops, traditional markets, hotels and restaurants, as well as ropes stretched around the crowded center . At night, lanterns that emit bright light like a million stars.

Ritual fuel barge is only one tourist attraction Rokan Hilir. There are many other objects that are not less interesting to visit in one district in Riau Province that the maritime nature tourism. In Rokan Hilir, you can enjoy the beauty of beaches and islands on the border with Malaysia. One of the tourist islands of the most interesting is Jemur Island. The island is located approximately 45 miles off the coast Siapiapi chart, and 45 miles from neighboring countries, Malaysia. So, just on the border between Indonesia and Malaysia.

Island Jemur (more fitting called Jemur Islands) is a cluster consisting of several islands, including the Golden tekong Island, Pulau Simbang tekong, Labuhan Bilik Island, Eagle's Nest, and the small islands, such as Bath Stone and Stone Sailing. These islands form a circle, so that its center is a calm sea.

Almost every island in the group of Islands tourist Jemur has a very interesting. Labuhan Bilik Island for example, tourists can enjoy the sunrise (sun rise) from the expanse of white sandy beaches picturesque. The sun, every morning, if not prevented cloud, would look just swell on the sea surface. Sunrise ball can also be seen from the terrace inn Fisheries Agency, with the silhouette screens fishing boats lined up at the mouth of the bay Labuhan Bilik, right in front of the inn. Some rare flora and panoramic steep cliffs on the island there is also this.

Objects that are more interesting on the island of tekong Gold. Not only the sun rise and sun set that can be enjoyed from this island. But Goa is also Japanese, flare tower, the former giant human footprints, spring bones, the remains of Japanese defense, the Commander of stone screen, marine parks and golden sandy beaches. This Island''is also a turtle breeding center and the region's endangered species protection,''continued Gamal.

At night, tourists can peek turtles were laying eggs. While during the day, visitors can see hundreds of turtle eggs are ditangkar and a small turtle turtle-breeding results are funny swim in large ponds to be ready to be released into the sea after 6-8 months of age. Visitors can try''the kids off to sea turtles, or taste rebusnya eggs,''said Navy Commander Post Jemur Island, Letda Yudiono AL.

Other objects of interest to visit the city on the sea, Panipahan, Halang Island, Lake Napangga, Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup, Tilan Island, Bono Rokan River, and the village of Rantau Bais.

Panipahan known as a fishing town on the sea, by road Facilitate made of wood. On top of wooden blocks arranged neatly in motor vehicles and pedestrians milling about the destination. A city of 12,459 inhabitants is known as a producer of rattan, copra and fish wet sea (shrimp and large fish) that are exported to Singapore and Malaysia.

Interest in cultural tourism, in addition to Bagan Siapiapi, can also stop by the village of Rantau Bais an unspoiled and barely affected the foreign culture. The village is located not far from the turnpike-Medan Pekanbaru has beautiful natural scenery, and culture and unique customs. The old houses of traditional Malays also architecture still dominates this village

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