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Journey to Richmond Castle

From Platota junction, we had to walk at about 1.5km to reach the Richmond Park Estate. Our destination was the Richmond Castle, a fine country house in a 42-acre fruit garden estate built in 1896. It was said to be one of the biggest mansions in Sri Lanka

Richmond Castle was a two-storied building with 99 doors and 34 windows, decorated with glass panes embossed grape vines. It was said that two shiploads of teak were imported from Burma for the construction of the same.

The entire building was decorated with intricate carvings. There was a dancing hall with a stage as an added feature. There were tiny holes at the floor of dancing room, to provide a continuous flow of cool air from the bank of Kulu River.

It was said that the architecture applied there was greater similarity to an English mansion than to an ancient “walauwwa”.

Since the Mudaliyar was a lover of nature, he had decorated the garden with blooming plants and marble statues. Some of the statues were still stand.
Folklore said the Mudliyar was childless and not happy in marriage. At the end of his marriage, he devised his dream castle to the Public Trustee for the welfare of the children of the country. And he breathed his last in 1947 lonely, in a room at the Queen's Hotel- Kandy

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