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09-01-09  Chennai Beach
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09-01-04  Puducherri
09-01-01  Pondicherry
International Yoga Festival

The 16th International Yoga Festival (IYF) in Pondicherry has officially begun. There are two sides to the event, the actual yogasana competition and the workshops and discourse. I am part of the latter. The venues are also on two different sites. Guru N can not attend my event as he is on the yogasana competition supporting the sishyas there.

My traveling companion is also short lived. We decided to finish this event, continue to Chennai as we both originally agreed and we go our separate ways from there. But even here, we are doing our own thing.

Traveling alone and with someone both has advantages and disadvantages. When you travel with someone, you can share expenses, most specially the fares and accommodation. You can also feel “crowded”. In the west, “personal space” is a sacred thing. Either you get along and understand and support each other or better off going separate ways. In this case, the latter won.

IYF in the yogasana competition side is really all local. How can you compete with these people? When God made the Indians, I think there were different molds used. They can all bend their backs as if they do not have any backbones and open their meridians like no other human beings can.

I spoke about Pancha Koshas as Model for Yoga Therapy. I wore my saree; my very own first saree. Three young Indian girls dressed me up like a helpless princess. I was the only representative of my country. There were speakers from New Zealand, Germany, Czech, Scottland, Croatia, UK and many European countries. Hmmmm.

On the last day of the event it rained. Overall, it was fun.

Next destination, Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM). I met Kyra from San Francisco and a local Indian Ayurveda doctor who are both going to my direction. We will be sharing a taxi instead of taking the bus. Chennai, here I come.

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