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Learnin' in the Capital

Well hello again!

After we left the ferry we had to make our way up to Sydney, but we couldnt go all the way there without seeing the nations capital. So we decided we would spend a couple days in Canberra. If you think about a typical capital city you pretty much have Canberra expect for the fact that there are about 1 million round-a-bouts to get confused at!!! LOL Well since all we really had been doing was enjoying the landscpae here in Australia we figured it would be good to do some more touristy stuff like museums and galleries. We first started at the parliament house which really was pretty neat, it is a massive building that was built right into the hillside so you could only really see 20% of it. Once you are inside every room and its design carried some meaning which was explained to us on the tour which was good to have cuz we woulda just walked through and not known really what they were trying to achieve. After parliament house we ventured over to the war memorial which was huge! It took us a good 3-4 hours to work our way through there. It was really interesting learning about the Aussies involvement in the wars and how passionate they are about memorailizing them. We witnessed the closing ceremony that happens everynight with a scottish bagpiper playing a tune to pay tribute to the soldiers as they closed the doors. It was pretty somber as it was pouring rain that day aswell. That night was the worst we had in Oz so far, it was pissin' rain and it got sooo cold. It got down to -4 degrees that night and we woke up with frost on the car and our noses were snifflin' all day long! After the miserable wake-up we made it over to the art gallery which we parroozed through and at about the 3 hour mark called it quits and went to find the museum which really wasnt that interesting on the inside but the outside was crazier than we were told it was gonna be. Some crazy architect really went off his rocker designing this building...haha. It made up for the inside for sure though! Then after a walk around downtown area it was back on the road again to make our way to Sydney where Jackie would be waiting for us!!!

Until next time!!!

Reg & Manda

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