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Days 20-24 Cesky Krumlov and Prague

Day 20 Leaving Vienna and Arriving at Cesky Krumlov
We left Vienna by train and headed for Cesky Krumlov, we actually arrived at Cesky budovicia or something like that and then took public bus to Cesky Krumlov. Once we got to town we had a bit of a walk and were able to see the city from above. It is a very picturesque old medieval city. As I would later find out a lot of it was built in the 13th century and was then rebuilt after a fire in the 15th century. Once we got settled into our pension, drew and I had a cool apartment here, we set out to go for a bike ride. They drove us up to the top of the mountain and then we mostly biked down, there were a few ups but mostly downs. it was a very beautiful forest with views of the valley and the bike guide guy Petr was very nice. We got to the bottom and were pretty much in town. We had a beer at a local watering hole and then I decided to bike some more. I climbed up and up the hills in the suburbs and got some real good views of the town, then I biked through some farm country, finally biking along the river back into town.

I haven't mentioned it yet but when I woke up in Vienna I had a rash, my first thought was that when I had shorts on the day before I had been exposed to some poison Ivy or something, but it was then all over and I was pretty sure it was something else like a food allergy. I took an antihistamine once we got the the Cesky Krumlove pension and slept until the bike ride. This was to be the start of my troubles unfortunately.

After biking I took a nap and woke up around 9PM wandering around the city looking for a place to eat. I walked for a while and finally settled on a little place on the river. I didn't want to eat much so I had some toast with like a spaghetti sauce on it and blue cheese. I found the other folks at the Bohemian bar and hung out with them for a while. We met a couple of cool Czech soldiers that we talked to for a while. We also met an Asian girl who was traveling on her own but had hooked up with a Tour Leader from another tour, it's a small world cause she's going to be working for Nike in Portland when she goes back to the states.

Day 21 More Cesky Krumlov
The following day I woke up and had my rash back. I was now out of antihistamine's so I hit the Pharmacy to get some. I took one and then we were to meet up at 10 to get a tour from a local historian. We met up with the local and my rash at this point was really bad, all over my legs and arms. I withstood it as long as I could but then caved and went back to the room. I took some more antihistamine and crashed until just before 2:30 when we were supposed to meet up to do some rafting down the river. I got up in time and met the group. We dropped in right in town and went cruising down the river. It was very pretty scenery but the river was really gentle so it was pretty much just a float, we barely even had to paddle since the current was decent. They have bars along the shore where they sell beer and food but on this day everyone opted for non alcohol at the one we stopped at. I guess in the summer this river is packed and pretty crazy. We got done and drove back to town. We showered up and grabbed dinner along the river. I had some goulash and potato pancakes. At the end of dinner I felt like crap so I headed home. That night was rough, I went from too hot to too cold and shivering.

Day 22 Traveling to Prague
The next day was even worse. We had to get up early and take a taxi to the train station, I felt so weak and sick. I barely got packed and into the taxi. The train ride was brutal and we had to change to a bus partway through cause they were working on the tracks. We boarded the train to Prague and I found a place to lie down. I rested there for the ~5hr journey which should have been much shorter except for the work they were doing on the tracks that made us stop pretty often. The train station when we arrived was noisy and under construction. It was awful as we waited and I felt like crap. Lastly we had to take a Tram to get to the Apartment we were staying at. Finally we were there and I crashed for the rest of the night, now I had stomach cramps and a fever to top it off.

Day 23 Prague
The morning was rough, battling stomach cramps. I finally said screw it at noon and got out of the apartment. I walked along the river and checked out the old stone bridge. I crossed it and walked around a bit. Then I went back to the apartment to grab my laundry, I needed to get some done. I walked to the laundromat and got it done and while it was in the washer checked out the outside of the National Muzeum. I was interesting. After all that I was pretty beat and crashed at the Apartment.

Day 24 Prague
Well it's only 9:44 AM on this day but it's already starting out much better. No stomach cramps and I was out the door at 7AM. Hit the grocery store and got some food, ate breakfast in the old town square while watching people either getting there day going or ending their night. Apparently Prague party's pretty hard. I am now going to go try and see a little bit of Prague finally. I was supposed to go with the group to see the Bone Church in Kutna Hora but didn't feel up to it and wanted to get to see more of Prague instead. Hopefully things are looking up now and this sickness is on the way out.

Take care everyone I hope you all are doing well.

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