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Singapore – the Fine City

A famous mock up slogan for Singapore is it’s status as “Fine City”. Fine meaning they charge you for the offenders you made. Not in terms of “good” he he… So I dedicate this story to share funny warning boards that I saw a long the way.

Singapore basically hosted Chinese, Indian and Malay people. And of course those expats that only speaks English. So everywhere you go, usually the warning signs, road name, even MRT stations are in 4 languages! If a warning sign saying “Dangerous” in 4 languages and you still don’t get the message – hey that’s your problem ha ha…

In MRT, you cannot smoke (fine = 1000 SGD). Or eat/drinking (fine = 500). Unlocking emergency break (fine = 5000 SGD). Or bringing flammable goods (fine = 5000 SGD). And you also cannot bring durian. Durian is unique fruit found in South East Asia. It has spiky skin (real spike like 2 cm outside) and famous for it’s odor. The funny thing is, there’s no fine for Durian ha ha… They only said “No Durian”. Maybe they haven’t decided what would be the punishment for all of the Durian lovers ha ha…

Another sign that cracks me up is actually a sign board in my own beloved Singapore branch office. This automatic door will slide based on light sensor. But in the sign, it’s written “To open the door, place hand or foot under the light”. Or FOOT. And the “light” source is located like 1 m from the floor. So if you want to open the door with foot – you literally have to lift up your foot high above. Make sure you’re not wearing short skirt when doing this ha ha… I was thinking, my God, and this is suppose to be a famous multinational company ha ha… Anyway, after 2 years in the company, a friend of mine explained that actually there is another light source adjacent with the floor. So if you want to open the door with your foot – no need to lift your feet. Just “kick” the light source below. Ha ha, well no arrow telling me that!

When I was visiting the famous Clarke Quay – it’s basically bunch of café’s along the river – there is a Hooter’s bar which is really obvious. The ladies are really wearing short and revealing clothes. Hey it’s their own choice and I believe in freedom of personal choice. But I literally laugh my ass off when I saw a sign that’s hanged in their wall “Hooters waitresses are flatterly operated!” Yeah, right. I bet if they have better offer – those ladies would select different way to earn money. If they are really proud of it, you don’t have to try so hard to convince people like that ha ha…

What about another fact that if you sit in the night bazaar food stalls in Chinatown – the vendors actually NOT allowed to approach and promoting their food when you’re sitting on the bench! Or was it not allowed to stick any ads in the table? The 2nd one makes more sense – but the 1st version is more interesting ha ha…

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