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Navajo Nation: Earth Day early at Lake Powell/Page, Az

Picked up trash on the shore of Lake Powell.We were applauded for riding our bicycles down to get our bags for trash and tickets for the lunch. We rode from the lodge to the Stateline marina so we actually picked up trash in both Arizona and Utah -- didn't notice the time change! The biggest culprits as far as trash were plastic bags and cans, and plastic drink containers. We had no problems filling two of the large road side garbage bags. We recycled what we could into the containers at the campsite and then rode shuttle into Page to get our free t-shirt and barbeque... Stood in line and visited with people of Navajo heritage.

Many visitors may not realize that this area is a political anomaly for the United States. This is a nation within a nation. According to some literature that I have read, the Navajo nation is larger than at least 10 or the 50 states in the United States. If I remember correctly, it is roughly the size of South Carolina. It is a very rugged land and to many very inhospitable but so lovely. Navajo People were quite friendly and started up conversations with us. Very enjoyable and interesting. It was interesting while we were talking with them for them to drop into their native language and even while they were telling about some of the areas around Page, they were using their names which sounded so much nicer then Mt. Taylor.

There is a very interesting exhibit at the Burger King in Kayenta about the Navajo Code Talkers during World War II. Next to it is a Navaho run exhibit dealing with their lifestyle. Well worth a wisit.

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