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deep vein thrombosis

after i said goodbye to nisi i had to get myself several thousand kilometres down to santiago for my flight to easter island, and i hadnt left myself a whole heap of time to do it.

so i did 76 hours on 3 night buses in 4 days with not a lot of time off.

firstly broke my bus record with 27 hours guayaquil to lima. then had 4 hours off in lima, which was actually the hardest part of the whole trip. going back to the same hotel to leave mels camera for her (thanks mate), going back to that same black market to buy a new one, walking down those same streets i had with all the oasis crew bought back a lot of memories and being there by myself 6 months later just did not compare. wont have to do that again though luckily.

then had another 21 hours down to arica in northern chile, where i spent a night to watch some cable tv in english, sleep in a normal bed, have a shower and avoiding dying from deep vein thrombosis.

then it was 28 hours down to valparaiso on the coast near santiago, breaking my personal best for the second time in 4 days.

the did play the occasional movie in english but they did so soo quietly that i could hardly hear them and had to try and work out what was going on via the spanish subtitles anyway. movies in spanish were generally played so loud they made your ears bleed. even an ipod on full volume couldnt drown that crap out.

food was reasonable in peru but disintegrated to 3 meals a day of rice and something in chile. think i am more sick of rice after being here than i was after a year in japan.

and scenery was basically sand and water, really nothing else. sounds nice but after 70 odd hours...

spent my last few days down on the coast at valparaiso checking out the beach at viña del mar and the very cool murals up in the hills. also found the time to run into someone from tassie which doesnt happen very often. crossed paths with anna a few times back when we were kids and was good to see her again after all these years.

was nice to be back on the beach again and also not going into santiago meant i avoided having old memories tainted like in lima (i know im weird arent i)

am also kind of proud of myself for accomplishing my goal of going from the usa to chile overland. its a bloody long way but not really that hard i guess; but then i didnt meet anyone else doing it...

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