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Cesky Krumlov - Day 3

23 September 07

I am having a lovely cup of tea after church. It's sunny again so I'll head to the raft place in a little bit, it's still chilly.

Church: Catholic. It was good, it felt long because I couldn't understand much. I sometimes could figure out where we were, but then it's hard to remember the words in English. Before the service started they were praying. I was in the back row and the ladies in front of me were leading it. They sang a line, then everyone would answer. Maybe it was a rosary or something. Each prayer started with "Svata Maria".

I like this hostel. There are resident dogs. I've only seen the lab. He has a bandaged foot but he's friendly. There are little pictures of Homer and Marge Simpson attached to doors and cabinets here.

Sitting on a balcony drinking tea! My pastime. I went kayaking! It is so gorgeous and warm today. The guy had me freaked out at first... saying how these kayaks are more difficult, what's my experience. BUT. No problems.

The trip was 15k, about 3 hours. It was almost all just trees, no buildings. At one point was a beer garden pulloff. They had a Confederate flag and a Jaegermeister chalk board, so I definitely passed. There was also a guy putting a pirate flag into the bank of the river at one point... a bit odd.

It was very tranquil. I heard some large birds. Since I'd been humming the Vltava as I kayaked, I imagined that beer place to be the "country wedding" section. Did you know: most Czechs don't get married in churches, or by priests.

There's crazy Gypsy ska playing downstairs. The guy who owns the Gypsy Bar in town is on the town council. CK has an open attitude towards the Roma population, unlike many areas.


I can only vouch for the CK hostel at the reception location!

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