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07-09-23  Cesky Krumlov
07-09-22  Cesky Krumlov
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Cesky Krumlov - Day 2

22 September 07

A gorgeous, sunny afternoon.

Today has been v. calm. Walking to shops, eating, checking out the castle. I went around mostly w/Tatum. I went by myself to an art exhibit in the castle. It looked like old store rooms and a kitchen.

We crossed the bridge to the neighborhood where people actually live. It was pretty. I wonder what it's like to really live in a town like this.

I'm going to go to church tomorrow. There are five hearts in the chapel from one of the ruling families. They wanted to show their devotion to God so they willed their hearts to the church.

Wine and tea... still sitting on the balcony.

So the first family to rule CK had five sons. The father spilt his territory among them by giving each a 5-petalled rose to represent their territory. The son who got CK got the red rose and it's still a symbol of the city.

Then this guy Petr Vok (from a later ruling family) went broke because he bought art. So he sold the town of CK adn lived in some other town until he went broke again and had to sell it, too.

There are random crucifixes and Marys on buildings.

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